Sommer Ray is a well-known social media personality, fitness model, and above all – a strong Christian!

In an age where many are turning away from Christ, Sommer continues to voice her love of Jesus, and professes her strong Christian faith to her millions of followers.

One of Sommer’s proudest moments was when she got baptised in the Jordan River – the same place where Jesus Christ himself was baptised by John the Baptist.

Sommer Ray followed the footsteps of Jesus Christ

Who is Sommer Ray?

Sommer Ray is a very well-known social media personality. She is a well-known model, gym enthusiast, and DJ!

Sommer has a huge following on social media. At the time of writing, she has 24.5 million followers on Instagram, 12 million followers on TikTok, and just over 1 million followers on X.

She has also founded the health and beauty company Imarais Beauty, which sells a range of beauty products in numerous countries.

Sommer is also known for her gym activities. She is well-known for selling gym goods too – including “booty bands”. Her body is the envy of many!

Sommer often quotes verses of the Holy Bible on her social media profiles. In fact, she has the incredible Jeremiah 29:11 verse in her biography. Read more about Jeremiah 29:11 here!

Baptism of Jesus Christ

By going to the Jordan River, Sommer Ray followed in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. The Jordan River is a very spiritual location!

John the Baptist was known at the time for baptizing people in the River Jordan. Initially, John did not feel worthy of baptizing Jesus.

However, Jesus said to John “in this way we will do all that God requires”. This led to the momentous moment where John immersed Jesus in the water, before bringing him back to the surface.

John baptized Jesus, and when he did so, Heaven opened. The Spirit of God descended like a dove. A voice said from Heaven, “this is my own dear son with whom I am pleased”.

Ever since then, billions of Christians have been baptised in the same way. While any body of water can be used, the ultimate place to be baptised in for Christians is the Jordan River – located between Israel and Jordan.

Sommer Ray Getting Baptised in the Jordan River

Sommer was able to get baptised in the northern part of the Jordan River – called the Sea of Gallilee. She shared her experience to her Instagram followers.

It all started with her making it to Yardenit – the Baptismal site on the Jordan River. This is a special place for Christians all around the world.

When Sommer made it into the grounds, she put on traditional clothing – which is worn in respect of what Jesus Christ wore at the time.

Then she made it out to the actual river, where she was officially baptised. She immersed herself before coming back to the surface. Sommer was born again.

The Takeaway

Getting baptised in the Jordan River is an incredible honour for any Christian. To be able to follow Jesus Christ and repeat his actions is very special.

Sommer Ray continues to be an inspiration to many, and proudly professes her Christian faith. This was an amazing moment for Sommer.