A well-known urban legend in the United Kingdom is the story of the British Night Train – involving two men trying to smuggle a dead body out of London on a train.

It isn’t known if the urban legend is true or not – especially as down the years London has witnessed all manner of skullduggery.

In this article, we take a look at the case of the British Night Train. The story is set in London – the capital city.

The legend takes place in London

What is the story of the British Night Train?

The story begins in the dead of night – approximately 2am. There is a woman that is waiting for a train. Due to it being so late, there is hardly anyone around.

The train arrives, and the woman gets on board. The train barely had anyone on it. She sat down and started reading a book.

Within a few minutes, it is said that the woman felt as if she was being watched. Upon looking up, she noticed that two men and a woman were sitting opposite her.

She realised that the three people appeared to be staring directly at her. While the woman found this unsettling, she decided to ignore them, and continued to read her book.

At the next stop, a man got on the train and went and sat directly next to her. The man started to read the newspaper.

This seemed strange to the woman, as there were so many other seats. It seemed bizarre that the man sat right next to the woman.

About 10 minutes later, the man dropped his newspaper on her book. She found this annoying. However, she noticed that the man had scribbled something on the newspaper.

The note urged the woman to get off at the next stop. She still felt uncomfortable due to the three people opposite her, and so she decided to get off at the next stop.

When getting off, she noticed the man with the newspaper had followed her off. Puzzled by his behaviour, she asked him what he was doing.

The man said to her – “did you not notice the two men and the woman?” The woman said that she did, which led to a startling response by the man.

He said that the woman was dead. It appeared that the two men had been trying to conceal the woman’s death by acting normally.

It is said that this was confirmed the next day, when the woman saw a report on the news about two men that had been caught with a corpse trying to get her out of the city.

Is the Night Train a true story?

The Night Train is an urban legend – meaning that simply put, it isn’t a real account of what happened.

It is likely that once upon a time, a similar event happened, but that down the years, the story has been embellished. It is likely to have become more dramatic over time.

Presumably, the story was first thought up as a way of warning those travelling at night on their own to be careful.

The Takeaway

Most have questioned the Night Train – with the belief that it is just an urban legend. But, we should remember that there is no smoke without fire.

Something along those lines has surely happened. Maybe it is real after all. In any case, we need to ba careful!