Baptists and Anglicans are two major branches of Christianity. They are both part of Protestantism, and are two of the most popular denominations in Christianity.

But while both Baptists and Anglicans have similar beliefs, there are some differences between them, as this article explores.

Both Anglicans and Baptists follow similar teachings


The Baptist Church and the Anglican Church are two distinct Christian denominations that trace their roots back to the Protestant Reformation.

Both churches adhere to the teachings of the Bible and share many of the same beliefs and practices, but there are still differences between them.

The Baptist Church

The Baptist Church is an evangelical Protestant denomination that emphasizes the authority of the Bible, the importance of personal faith, and baptism by immersion.

Baptists believe that faith is a personal decision and is not something that can be inherited or forced upon someone. They also believe that baptism is a public declaration of faith and is necessary for salvation.

The Anglican Church

The Anglican Church, on the other hand, is a liturgical Protestant denomination that follows the teachings of the Church of England. Despite having its origins in the United Kingdom, Anglican churches are found across the world.

Anglicans emphasize adherence to the teachings of the Church, the importance of tradition, and the historic episcopate—a form of church governance that recognizes the authority of bishops. Anglicans also believe in the practice of infant baptism.

When did the Anglicans and Baptists separate?

The two churches separated during the English Reformation in the 16th century. They both retain similar views, but have remained separated.

The Anglican Church was established when King Henry VIII declared himself the head of a new church in England – having fallen out with the Catholic Church.

The Baptist Church, on the other hand, emerged in the 17th century as a reaction against the state-sponsored Anglican Church.

Positions on key topics

Baptist Churches typically take a traditional approach. They are typically pro-life, anti same-sex marriage and believe in the Sanctity of Life.

Anglicanism used to have a traditional and conservative approach, but this has changed in recent times. But changing approaches haven’t proven popular.

In recent times, Anglicanism has been split on the topic of same-sex marriage. The church is made up of 42 provinces around the world – with some in support of same-sex marriage, and others firmly against it. The ongoing furore has caused significant controversy among Anglicans.

The Takeaway

Overall, there are differences between the Baptist Church and the Anglican Church, but both denominations still share many of the same fundamental beliefs.

Ultimately, both churches are committed to worshipping God and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ.