The Apprentice has become a staple of British television over the last few years, with the show featuring businessman Lord Alan Sugar as he puts budding businessmen and businesswomen to the test through a series of tasks.

The show has become famous for its candidates’ seemingly poor common sense, arguments, boardroom put-downs, drama and of course the dreaded pointed finger to the candidate that is “fired”, accompanied by Sugar saying “you’re fired”.

Over the years there have been many different winners. In this article, we look to see where each of the winners are now. There have been mixed fortunes, including successes, problems and even litigation against Lord Sugar himself…

Series 1: Tim Campbell

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Initially, The Apprentice involved Lord Sugar offering one of the candidates a role in his business. The first winner was Tim Campbell, who worked at Sugar’s AmStrad for a few years.

Following this, Campbell focused on charitable projects more – including setting up the social enterprise Bright Ideas Trust, which aimed to support young entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds. This led to Campbell being awarded an MBE.

Campbell returned to the show in Series 16 as one of Lord Sugar’s aides – having taken over from Claude Littner. Campbell continues to cast his eye over the candidates and provide advice to Lord Sugar after each task.

Series 2: Michelle Dewberry

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Michelle Dewberry claimed a surprise victory in the second series, having seen off favourite Ruth Badger to win. But her and Lord Sugar’s relationship wasn’t fruitful – having only lasted one year.

She later set up her own consultancy firm and has made a series of media appearances. This includes her own show with network GB News.

Dewberry has also dabbled in politics. She ran in both the 2017 and 2019 general election for the Brexit Party. Dewberry only won 5.5% of the vote in 2017, but secured almost 18% of the vote in 2019. While this wasn’t enough for her to become an MP, her popularity as a pro-Brexit advocate did contribute towards the eventual withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

Series 3: Simon Ambrose

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Coming into 2007’s Series three, everything appeared to point towards a Simon Ambrose victory. Ambrose had attended the prestigious Westminster School and followed this up with a degree from the University of Cambridge. Furthermore, Ambrose was also the son of the owner of eyesight firm Optimax, and was a member of MENSA at the tender age of 13.

Ambrose duly delivered and claimed the victory – which for some was never in doubt. He went on to work at Lord Sugar’s Amsprop business from 2007 to 2010.

Ambrose has since served as a board member at a financial company, invested in the property market and played a part in restaurant openings. He also spent time as the Chairman of the London Contemporary Orchestra.

Series 4: Lee McQueen

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Lee McQueen won the fourth series of the show. This was despite him courting controversy for lying about his achievements at University. He had the unusual experience of avoiding the bottom 3 in every task on the show!

McQueen also hit the headlines for infamously calling in sick on his first day at Lord Sugar’s Amscreen. But after a shaky start, McQueen thrived at Amscreen.

He left the company in 2010 before setting up a digital media business with Simon Sugar – the son of Lord Sugar. He later set up the Raw Talent Academy.

Series 5: Yasmina Siadatan

Yasmina Siadatan won the fifth series of The Apprentice. Her awkward interview with Claude Littner where she was seemingly unaware of the difference between Gross and Net profit was uneasy to watch.

But this didn’t deter Lord Sugar, who hired her. She was given a role at Lord Sugar’s Amscreen. However, after just four months she left on maternity leave having fallen pregnant. She opted to not return to the company following her leave.

Afterwards, she worked with former Dragon’s Den star James Caan at Start Up Loans. She currently works as a Creative Director at Start Up Loans. At the time of writing, Yasmina works as a Sales and Marketing Director at a fintech company called Dynamic Planner.

Yasmina was in the news a few years ago after her younger brother Isaiah Siadatan travelled to Syria to fight for the Islamic State. Isaiah was duly killed.

Series 6: Stella English

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Stella English is perhaps the most infamous winner of them all. She impressed Lord Sugar having come from a disadvantaged background to work for a Japanese investment bank on a six-figure income. Her performance in the show’s tasks were fantastic.

It was unsurprising that she won Series six. She worked at Sugar’s Viglen after winning. However, the drama started when she left after just 13 months following her contract not being renewed.

In the aftermath, she suggested she was merely an “overpaid lackey”. She subsequently attempted to sue Lord Sugar for Constructive Dismissal. However, unfortunately for Stella, she lost the case.

She was pictured outside of a JobCentre in an unfortunate moment. She later worked for technology giant HP and crowdfunding company CrowdBox TV. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

You can read more about Stella English’s battle with Lord Sugar at our article here.

Series 7: Tom Pellereau

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Perhaps scarred by Stella’s implosion, Lord Sugar decided to shake up the format of the show in 2011. Instead of offering a job, Sugar would offer a £250,000 investment towards a 50/50 partnership with the winning candidate.

The first benefactor of this was the lovable inventor and “mad scientist” Tom Pellereau, who defeated favourite Helen Milligan to win. It was a wonderful moment, and proof that in the cut-throat business market, that you can be kind and still be a success.

He started Aventom with Sugar, with the nail range Stylfile being launched. Over the following years, many more product ranges followed. At the time of writing, he continues to operate business STYLIDEAS – providing a collection of skin and beauty products.

Pellereau has been a huge success for Lord Sugar, and has set an excellent example for future winners to follow. Their partnership continues to flourish.

Series 8: Ricky Martin

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The eighth series in 2012 was won by former professional wrestler turned businessman Ricky Martin. Martin was grilled in the interview stage, but got through unscathed.

Martin set up a recruitment company named Hyper Recruitment Solutions with Lord Sugar. This company combined science and technology for recruitment solutions. The business has proven successful.

Martin also returned as an “interviewer” in Series 10. At the time of writing, Martin and Lord Sugar remain working together.

Series 9: Leah Totton

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Leah Totton won the ninth series after defeating Luisa Zissman in the final to win the £250,000 investment.

The money was put into a cosmetics clinic in London named Dr. Leah. This provided a range of skincare and cosmetic treatments. It proved very popular, with further clinics since opening and the company winning a host of awards.

Totton and Sugar continue to work together, with this being one of the best investments made by Sugar. As the company continues to grow, further clinics are certainly a possibility.

Totton has also won praise for remaining involved with the NHS, having served as a part-time physician with the healthcare service.

Series 10: Mark Wright

Mark Wright won the tenth series of The Apprentice. The Australian didn’t prove to be too popular among viewers, with many seeing him as arrogant.

Wright proved to be a huge success. He and Sugar founded Climb Online – a digital marketing agency that expanded to over 100 members of staff within just a few years.

Both Wright and Sugar hit the jackpot as in 2022, the duo sold Climb Online for £10million – securing both a phenomenal payout. xDNA bought the company, leaving Wright a big success and a very rich man.

Series 11: Joseph Valente

Series 11 witnessed plumber Joseph Valente securing the investment. Valente called himself “the Godfather of Business” (yes, really) and started plumbing company ImpraGas with Lord Sugar in the aftermath of his victory.

Unfortunately, ImpraGas proved to be a disappointing investment for Lord Sugar, with the business running up large losses. Valente bought out Sugar’s share in the business, ending their partnership.

Under his own sterwardship, Valente was unable to reverse the fortunes of the company. However, Valente was able to sell the business to REL Capital in 2021.

Valente attracted harsh criticism for this. In a video address on Twitter, Valente blasted an article from The Daily Mirror which he says had erroneously reported on Valente apparently being in debt to multiple parties.

Valente has since started a training and business development company which aims to assist businesses in the construction trade with their marketing. He has also recently launched Valente University – aimed at helping people to improve their skills and gain knowledge from experts in the business field.

Series 12: Alana Spencer

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Series 12 was won by Alana Spencer. While she was rather quiet during the early weeks of the show, she came to the fore in the latter stages and secured the investment.

Spencer and Sugar set up Ridiculously Rich – a luxury cake brand. Her business has been successful and has attracted many different stockists. She bought back her shares from Lord Sugar, ending their partnership.

Series 13: Sarah Lynn and James White

Chaos ensued at the end of Series 13 when Lord Sugar made the unprecedented decision to double his investment and set up a business with both finalists – James White and Sarah Lynn. This wholesome decision allowed both to set up a business.

Sarah set up Sweets in the City – a confectionery business that provides personalised sweets to corporate and consumer customers. The business has been a strong success, with the brand expanding to the likes of Harrods, Waitrose and WHSmiths.

Meanwhile James White set up Right Time Recruitment with Lord Sugar. But the duo reportedly fell out early on in their partnership due to James spending time on other commitments. The duo split. James remains in charge of the company.

Series 14: Sian Gabbidon

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Sian Gabbidon won the 2018 version of the show. The glamorous winner created a swimsuit brand called Sian Marie alongside Lord Sugar.

The brand started well – attracting many social media “influencers” to model her swimwear. The brand also expanded to sell through online giant ASOS.

However, unfortunately for Sian, her business went into liquidation in early 2023. She sold under 500 swimsuits in her two years of trading. She split from Lord Sugar in 2022.

Series 15: Carina Lepore

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Carina Lepore won the fifteenth series of The Apprentice. Lepore was highly-impressive on the show, having the distinction of winning nine out of ten tasks – including three as a project manager, underlining her business acumen.

Lepore’s backstory was heartwarming, with her leaving employer Marks & Spencer to join her father’s bakery business after a fire caused the bakery to burn down. This helped her to hone her skills.

The duo started a bakery business named Dough Artisan Bakehouse. While the restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic stunted her growth, the company is going strong.

At the time of writing, they have opened two locations – in Herne Hill and in Beckenham. The aim is for Lepore and Sugar to open up a chain of stores under the name.

Series 16: Harpreet Kaur

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After a two and a half year hiatus due to Covid-19, The Apprentice returned at the start of 2022. Harpreet Kaur claimed victory.

Harpreet built on her dessert parlour business Oh So Yum with Lord Sugar’s investment. It is very early days for the business yet, but she will hope to succeed.

In an incidental but heart-warming note, Harpreet also found love on the show, having entered a relationship with fellow contestant Akshay Thakra – a fan favourite of the show.

Series 17: Marnie Swindells

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Series 17 resulted in Marnie Swindells winning the £250,000 investment. She saw off competition from Rochelle Anthony to win.

Swindells and Sugar will aim to expand her “Grit & Glory” gym business in the years to come. Swindells will hope to be one of Sugar’s success stories.

The Best of the Rest

For those that did not win, this didn’t necessarily mean they didn’t succeed. In fact, some of the biggest success stories from the show have come from those who didn’t win on the show.

One such case involved Susie Ma. She finished 3rd in 2011, but was still contacted by Lord Sugar after the show. They created Tropic Skincare together. Ma bought out Lord Sugar in 2023.

Kate Walsh finished as runner-up to Yasmina Siadatan in Series 5. Walsh moved into a career in television afterwards. The same can be said for Saira Khan – runner-up in the first series of the show.

Similarly, Katie Hopkins is another former candidate that has made several media appearances since appearing on the third series of the show.

Tom Mills is perhaps best-remembered for his rather severe eyebrows – but is one of the most successful candidates of all. After the show, Mills founded Dynamo Cover, which has proven to be a huge success. He is said to be worth over £10million!

Scott Saunders infamously quit the show on his own terms towards the end of the show. He won praise by many after standing up to what many considered to be bullying from Lord Sugar and the incredibly rude and aptly-named Karren Brady. But Scott has thrived since and is currently running social media platform BusiHubs.

The Takeaway

So there we have it – a full rundown of all winners of The Apprentice. The show has come a long way, but continues to entertain people across the United Kingdom.

While there have been some failures, most have succeeded. But even for those that have struggled after the show, they will always have the achievement of winning this great show.