Madeleine McCann was just 3 years old when she disappeared in mysterious circumstances in 2007, while on a family holiday.

Her parents – Kate and Gerry McCann – had been eating at a restaurant nearby at the time. But for various reasons, the duo have been accused by many of playing a part in Maddie’s disappearance.

Recently, in some viral TikTok videos, the father Gerry McCann has been accused of being part of the “Red Shoe Club” – supposedly a club for elite paedophiles.

Gerry McCann is supposedly the man in the beige trousers

What happened to Madeleine McCann?

The disappearance of Madeleine McCann is very mysterious – and complex. It is covered in detail at – with the case profiled at this link.

Putting it simply, the McCann family were on holiday in Portugal in 2007. While Maddie and her two younger sisters slept, the McCann parents and friends were dining around 150 feet from their apartment.

At some point, Maddie disappeared. While most the evidence points towards Maddie being abducted by a stranger, a common theory suggests that Maddie’s parents were involved – and that their friends have taken a vow of silence to protect them.

One common theory was that Maddie’s parents accidentally killed her by giving her too much medicine – which was designed to help her sleep better. The role of sniffer dogs in the case have led to many thinking Maddie was killed by her parents.

The case made worldwide headlines, and the McCann parents have rarely been out of the spotlight since. Many have continued to point the finger at them.

What is the Red Shoe Club?

In recent times, videos have surfaced of a man that is purportedly Gerry McCann, being dressed in red shoes, alongside a range of others that are in red shoes.

So what is the Red Shoe Club? The Red Shoe Club is an alleged group that contains members of Royal Family’s, Hollywood actors, high-ranking politicians and other elitists.

The club allegedly kidnaps, traffic, sexually assaults, kills, and potentially eats – young children. They then supposedly use their skin to make human leather.

The red shoe club supposedly wear this human leather in the form of red shoes. This allows them to be identifiable to one another.

The Red Shoe Club theory is related to the Pizzagate theory, as well as the Wayfair theory. Some have dismissed the club as being a conspiracy theory.

Is Gerry McCann part of the Red Shoe Club?

Bringing this back to the McCann case, as discussed, there are pictures of a man that looks like Gerry standing in a group of people in red shoes.

Some have suggested that Gerry may have intentionally allowed his daughter to be kidnapped and then trafficked – all as part of being in the Red Shoe Club.

However, the image that has been circulating on TikTok is actually heavily doctored. Moreover, the man that is purportedly Gerry McCann is not actually him.

While it is someone that looks similar to Gerry, the photo doesn’t actually depict him. Therefore, even if the Red Shoe Club is real – Gerry McCann does not appear to be part of it.

The Takeaway

Many have dismissed the Red Shoe Club as being a conspiracy theory that has no grounds to it. The problem with such theories is that it is difficult to prove or disprove the idea.

Ultimately, while the idea of Gerry McCann being part of the Red Shoe Club seems to be false, we can never be certain.