A recent trend in recent times has been people – mainly models on social media sites Instagram and TikTok – saying that they are an accountant – when the fact is, that they aren’t.

To the reader, this may seem bizarre. Of all of the professions to choose from, why would someone make up being an accountant? We take a look at this trend – and explain why many people on social media call themselves accountants.

Not everyone is truly an accountant!

What is an accountant?

Starting off in a very basic manner – an accountant is someone who practices accountancy, which is the activity of recording business transactions for an organisation, business or individual.

It is a well-paid job in most instances, and most accountants will have earned a degree at University prior to becoming fully qualified. Many exams are required to be passed in order to become an accountant.

Who is saying they are an accountant?

It is mainly models and others who work in the OnlyFans industry that refer to themselves as an accountant. While others may speak of being an accountant – it is mainly these models who do so.

But in truth, these models, or “content creators”, often try to hide their true profession. It should be remembered though that there truly are some accountants on social media sites!


What it boils down to is that these people are often trying to keep their true nature of work somewhat hidden. As a result, they claim to be an accountant – as this is something that raises very few eyebrows.

Just think about if you were in a conversation with someone, and asked them what they did for a living. If they said they were an accountant, it is very difficult to go into their work – it’s a job people don’t really think about much. After the conversation, it is probably forgotten.

This is why so many people claim they are an accountant, as it means that they are able to evade any over-interest in their business or activities.

So putting this into perspective, someone who uses a website or subscription service to sell suggestive pictures of themselves may wish for their friends and family to think they are something else. If they tell them they are an accountant, this is a good way of ensuring there are no further questions, and that they are able to continue to do what they want.

The Takeaway

It is rather sad that some people need to lie to protect themselves. But for those who work as a model on a subscription site like OnlyFans, it is a reality they have to live up to.

Moreover, it could be argued that when social media sites try to censor such people – they do so to try and protect younger audiences. Like many things in life, it is a difficult case to draw a conclusion on.