Wikipedia is the world’s biggest encyclopedia – with a huge number of visitors all around the world using the site to gain an understanding of certain topics.

It is an incredible project – with millions of contributors around the world volunteering and giving up their time for the site. There are millions of articles, covering almost every topic imaginable.

However, in recent years, it has become a left-wing, woke and liberal haven. If anything, it now serves as more of a propaganda tool for the left, rather than an online encyclopedia.

Wikipedia adopts a hard left approach towards all of its topics

Larry Sanger: Co-founder

Larry Sanger is the co-founder of Wikipedia. He founded the online encyclopedia alongside Jimmy Wales back in 2001. They had visions of the site offering visions of neutrality.

However, many years later, Sanger has said himself that the site shouldn’t be trusted, suggesting that the site is now just “propaganda” for the left-leaning “establishment”.

Sanger suggested that Wikipedia only gives “an establishment point of view”, rather than a range of opinions.

Sanger has pointed out that sources from conservative news outlets are not welcomed, instead, liberal and woke outlets are encouraged. Respected sites like Fox News and The Daily Mail are two examples of sites that are frowned upon. Yet sites like CNN and MSNBC – known for their bias – are deemed acceptable.

Sanger has also pointed out that “there’s a lot of Novel prize winners and distinguished doctors whose views are not welcome on Wikipedia”, as they “contradict the narrative”. The “narrative” being a left-wing approach to life.

The Recession Debacle

Perhaps one of the biggest disgraces in recent times is the article on “Recession”. The article was locked by the site after a flurry of changes were made based on a speech by Joe Biden.

Biden – who is clearly suffering from dementia – decided to change the long-standing definition of “recession”, in a pathetic attempt to protect the mess that he has created – the American economy.

As the American economy’s GDP fell for the second consecutive quarter, the United States officially meets the definition of being in a recession. However, Biden and his administration declared otherwise.

The recession article was changed to fit Biden’s assertion that no recession was happening. The definition – which has stood for decades – was suddenly changed, just to fit in with Biden’s left-wing, baby-killing agenda. A user named “Soiblanga” removed all references to the established definition.

Wikipedia justified this move due to “vandalism”. But what this really did was stop those who sought to protect the valid definition of a recession from keeping this on Wikipedia. Instead, it was kept to agree with what Biden was saying.

While we are on the topic of Joe Biden, his son’s “Ukrainian scandal” only features in a short paragraph. This does not represent the furore it caused. Contrast this to Donald Trump’s article, and anti-Trump sentiment is profound.

Elon Musk was among prominent voices that criticised Wikipedia. Meanwhile, co-founder Jimmy Wales has been consistently accused of stifling free speech on the platform.

Anti-Christian sentiment

Wikipedia is also known for adopting an anti-Christian sentiment, in line with the left-wing stance. Christian-based articles are often dismissed as “pseudoscientific”.

For example, Conservapedia is an encyclopedia that seeks to challenge the left-wing stance of Wikipedia. Conservapedia provide an encyclopedia that has more of a conservative viewpoint.

They also have a page that provides a list of examples of bias in Wikipedia – in terms of anti-Christianity. They have come up with 42 examples in an article that you can access by clicking the following link:

These examples include being slanderous towards Christianity, conveniently ignoring the role of Christians in several peace-keeping efforts, and crediting other religions.

Christianity is something that Wikipedia contributors appear to frown upon

Left-wing media’s effect

This is part of a bigger picture. As the mainstream media has a left-wing approach, sources that contributors use to back up their points will inevitably follow a left-wing ideology,

So in this respect, we can only to an extent blame the contributors. But at the same time, the higher-up’s at Wikipedia should be coming out, and making it clear that sources from both sides of the political spectrum are allowed.

A writer from The Daily Signal, John Stossel, had contacted co-founder Jimmy Wales about the use of left-wing sources. Stossel had spoken with Wales, but after pointing out that hard left-wing sites like Vox, Mother Jones and Slate are allowed, while right-wing sites are not allowed, Wales stopped responding.

The Takeaway

We say on this site a lot about how there are so many lemmings in this world – who just blindly follow what the media tells them. The media is extended to Wikipedia, with the site now just a cesspit of left-wing voices.

Censorship is very damaging, and to see one side of the political spectrum silenced is very concerning. Hopefully, people will open their eyes and realise that Wikipedia is very biased, and shouldn’t be trusted.