Two-tier policing is a real issue in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, it represents a sad indictment of the current state of our once-great country.

If you love your country, you are treated like a criminal. If you support Palestine or are happy to parade around with a Swasti*a, rock on – that’s no problem at all.

The latest ugly sight was of patriots on St. George’s Day being treated heavy-handedly, whilst thugs supporting Palestine were allowed to roam free.

So what is two-tier policing and why is it happening in the United Kingdom? We take a look.

London was once a great city – although it has recently declined into a cesspit

What is two-tier policing?

Essentially, two-tier policing refers to a Police approach that involves treating two groups in different ways, despite similar behaviour.

This involves an inconsistent approach. It normally revolves around treating one group very differently to another – by clamping down on their actions hard. On the other hand, the other group – despite behaving in the same manner – are given free reign.

In the context of the United Kingdom, those with Pro-Israel or Pro-United Kingdom views are treated very differently to those who adopt pro-Palestine views.

Those in pro-Palestine protests have been allowed to do anything they like with impunity. This has been the opposite of those who share Pro-Israel or Pro-United Kingdom views.

Recent examples of two-tier policing in the United Kingdom?

There are numerous examples that stand out. Essentially, just look at the way that pro-Palestine protests are policed, compared to anything else.

Swasti*a’s “need to be taken into context”

Pro-Palestine protests have become a hotbed of anti-semitism. Take a look at the below interaction:

Courtesy of @emilykschrader on X

Look at the Policeman that said the appearance of swasti*as – clearly an anti-semitic symbol – “need to be taken into context”. Therefore, he was suggesting they may not actually be anti-semitic. Really?

This happened when a woman asked officers to step in when swasti*as were being displayed at a pro-Palestine demonstration. She was dismissed by the Policeman – who should surely be stripped of his badge.

“Openly Jewish”

An appalling sight was when a video clip emerged on social media involving a man named Gideon Falder, who is the chief executive of the organisation Campaign Against Antisemitism.

Gideon was going about his day as normal. He was near a pro-Palestine march. He was then sickeningly threatened with arrest as his presence was causing a “breach of peace” according to the Police.

Gideon was wearing a kippah skull cap, which was “provocative”, according to a Policeman. He was also accused of trying to “antagonise” those marching.

Scotland Yard has apologised twice following the clip surfacing, but such an event should have never happened in the first place.

Shouting “Jihad”

Shortly after the disgusting attacks in October 2023, initial pro-Palestine marches took place. Videos surfaced of some people shouting “jihad” at a march.

However, the Police once again failed to intervene. Jihad is a word that is associated with Islamic extremism – which continues to be a huge scourge on this world.

It should be pointed out that the majority of Muslims are peaceful people. But some support terrorist ideology – albeit with impunity in the United Kingdom, as seen above.

In any case, why are people so happy to forget the horrors of what happened on October 7th 2023 across Israel? Innocent men, women, and children being slaughtered by depraved Islamic terrorists appears to have been forgotten.

St. George’s Day Rally

However, in the St. George’s Day rally in London – which attracted scores of British patriots that were supporting and sharing love for their nation – there were ugly scenes.

Those attending were “kettled” in, which is a common tactic used by Police forces around the world to contain rallies into a small area. However, they are rarely used for pro-Palestine marches.

The Police appeared to take pleasure in arresting – with six protestors being arrested. It should be pointed out that some of these people were forcing their way through the Police cordon.

Climbing on Memorials

There have also been scenes of pro-Palestine protesters climbing atop of World War I memorials, with the Police happily standing around and letting this happen.

However, in 2011, Charlie Gilmour – son of Pink Floyd guitarist David – was arrested for hanging a Union Flag off the Cenotaph, and sentenced to 16 months in prison.

Other examples from recent years

Who can forget the difference between how Black Lives Matter protestors were treated compared to Anti-Lockdown protestors?

2020 was a year that saw the rise of Black Lives Matter organisation. Hundreds of thousands of people defied lockdown rules to march against perceived racial injustice on regular occasions. However, the Police did nothing to stop them. In fact, in many cases the Police were complicit with them.

Now, compare this with those who attended anti-lockdown protestors. The protests were shut down early on, and not given any sort of platform.

Or what about the sight of a Policeman with a goofy smile on his face dancing away at a Pride march. Meanwhile, a few miles down the road someone that has worked hard their whole life, paid taxes into the country and never troubled anyone, is reeling from having their house burgled, with no one from the Police turning up.

Why is this happening?

One of the key issues this boils down to is that the Police are afraid of offending the left. This is sadly the case with so many organisations, with the Police being no exception.

They appear to be obsessed with adopting “woke” policies. Furthermore, they are also seemingly trying to politicise anything and everything.

However, the Police have a duty to treat everyone the same and not play favourites. If they’re scared of offending the left, then there is something very wrong with them.

We shouldn’t forget that many of the Muslims attending the pro-Palestine marches will either have links to, or have sympathy for, Hamas.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan – as we’ve discussed in the past – has lost control of the capital. He has stood by and done nothing while stabbings have become commonplace, alongside rampant antisemitism.

This is all part of a wider picture of the United Kingdom declining rapidly as a country. Our defence systems are outdated, record numbers of people are out of work, we have a border crisis, mental health crisis and a cost of living crisis.

In China, they are teaching their children quantum physics. Over here, we can’t even define what a woman is. Yet people wonder why our children are struggling, and children from other nations are thriving.

To think that millions gave up their lives for us in World War I and II – only to see this country become a cesspit – is beyond disgusting.

Those adopting a pro-Israel stance are treated very differently to those that support Palestine

The Takeaway

We are living at a time where Jewish people cannot walk around London or other major cities safely. You cannot state biological facts. You can’t support your country.

But fear not, as long as you are pro-Palestine, you can do anything you like. Even wave around a poster with swasti*as on them, or

Freedom of Speech is a central tenet of the western world – which has helped us to thrive. But sadly, things are going downhill rapidly. The west is falling – and it is a tragedy.