It is hard in life to have not been affected in one way or another from a suicide – whether it be a family member, distant relative, friend, or even a friend of a friend; so many people are affected.

But why do people come to the decision of giving up on their life? This sounds “strange” – right? It has become very common, with people often choosing to get rid of all of their problems in life, albeit in a tragic way.

You may be wondering what made me write an article on this topic. It may not make sense to you now, but by the end of the article, it certainly will.

Finding reasons to go on can be difficult

Newspaper Column

Today I read about a case in the newspaper. After reading, I came to the realisation that sometimes, people do not think enough before making impulsive decisions.

In a tragic case, a 6-year old child took his own life, even writing a farewell note. The child couldn’t spell the word “suicide” in the note, nor could he pronounce it, yet by that point it was too late.

But why did this happen? The child had allegedly made a mistake that they did not have the courage to tell their parents about – fearing the ramifications of this.

The poor child would rather take his life than speak to his parents, who surely – after initial anger – would have understood what had happened.

This was the story of a 6-year old child. But there are so many people who are older and more mature who also make this decision. But why? What makes them do this?

What is Life?

What is life? So many of us ask this question. Perhaps those that decide to take their own lives have found the answer to this question – and don’t like the answer.

Whatever the reason behind the person’s passing – it was something that inevitably would have a solution to it. It may not seem at the time like there are solutions to problems, but there always is something that can be done.

God tests us with difficult times and sadness, but equally, blesses us with happiness and positive moods. But we don’t complain at our happy times, the same should apply for sad times.

This is how life is meant to be – full of obstacles. There are difficult times that nobody wants to go through, but at the end of the day we are alive, we are surviving. God is ultimately strengthening us.

Life is something to celebrate


Just think, when a time comes when you are happy, you’ll look back on your difficult times, and know that you survived any challenges, and you will be proud.

More problems will come, but we will continue to jump these hurdles. This is simply the cycle of life. Overcoming each obstacle strengthens us, and will make us more ready for the next barrier.

We need to try and appreciate the life we have. It can be difficult to do this, but we need to remember that we are blessed, we are alive.

Remember that other people also go through difficult times, it isn’t just yourself. Some are fighting for their lives, or praying just to stay alive. They have hope, and so should we.

The Takeaway

We need to live every moment in life to the fullest – this includes during the difficult times, as well as the positive times too. Every moment in a difficult time is also a ray of hope and happiness.

We are alive – and none of us know how long this will be for. So just enjoy life to the fullest while you can, and do whatever you can to make yourself happy!

Break all the boundaries, make yourself free and enjoy the freedom of living! Always wait and be patient, because something better is just around the corner, and will happen one day soon.

Enjoy life today,

Yesterday is gone,

And tomorrow may never come!

By Shiksha Jalan