On Friday 29th July, a writer on Salon.com published a hate-filled article, criticising in vituperative fashion, the religion of Christianity. In fact, the writer called Christianity “toxic”.

The article was one of the most vile, crass, and down-right unhinged diatribes we had ever had the misfortune of reading. To call a religion with over 1billion adherents “toxic” was sickening and uncalled for. How such an article could be published on a mainstream website is worrying.

It is that classic thing – if an article like that was written about Islam, would Salon.com allow it? Can you imagine the backlash if someone called Islam a “toxic” religion. Yet if Christianity is, then Islam most certainly is – given how many deaths those who engage in “Jihad” commit. But as its Christianity, apparently it is fair game.

The sweeping generalization is abhorrent. So in this article, we are going to take a look in detail at some of the elements mentioned in this article – and reject the mendacious suggestion that it is a “toxic” religion.

No, Christianity is NOT toxic

The Article

We’ll start by looking at the diatribe itself – which was published on 29th July 2022 on Salon.com. You can read the article by clicking here (will open in new tab). The good thing about that link is that we have provided the link via the web archive service – so you can be assured that your ad impressions won’t benefit this hate-filled website.

After all, we don’t want to give any money towards a company that publishes such articles. You can see the title in the below picture, as well as the headline and sub-headline which includes those horrific words.

Pretty shocking stuff. The writer was someone called Amanda Marcotte. We did some searching, and most of Marcotte’s articles are unsurprisingly focused on criticising either religion, abortion, President Trump, or gun laws.

As is the case with most liberal writers, Marcotte isn’t well known at all. In fact, she seems to have an unhealthy obsession with President Trump. Can you imagine leading such a hate-filled life? It is quite sad.

The article itself is written as a way of bashing Republicans. Here is the first insult – many Christians are not Republicans. Catholics have for many years tended to support the Democratic Party. Right away, Marcotte has cut corners.

Marcotte mentions how Justice Samuel Alito said about how “there’s also growing hostility to religion”. Marcotte suggests this isn’t true, and yet she is doing just that – being hostile to religion. The hypocrisy has began.

In the article, she goes on to criticise politicians that are Christian, Gab CEO Andrew Torba and other journalists. The latter is somewhat ironic, as her article just seems to be a list of points with links to the work of other journalists.

Apparently, just because Marcotte doesn’t agree with Christianity, everyone else shouldn’t be allowed to preach such beliefs. The sense of entitlement in Marcotte’s writing is worrying. It is as if Marcotte is acting like we all need to follow her way of living, almost as if she is writing thinking she is above her readers.

She is fortunate that Christians tend to be forgiving people. Had she done an article like this about Islam, she’d be facing death threats. In fact, her death would probably be imminent. Still, she better hope that Christians remain the way they are, rather than seek revenge.

What is Amanda Marcotte?

You can see what Marcotte looks like below. As you may expect – she looks rather sad. We can only hope she finds a purpose in life that doesn’t revolve around criticising others constantly. Maybe then she will be able to have a picture with a husband or friend – rather than a cat.

Amanda Marcotte – your typical left-wing extremist

At Generation95, not all of our team is Christian. But one thing that is present, is respect. The atheists on our team, as well as a Sikh and a Muslim in our office, respect the Christians. And the Christians respect the atheists, as well as our beloved Muslim and Sikh team members. Respect and tolerance of others is a basic skill that most people learn in their younger years.

From a personal perspective, joining a Christian Church was a truly life-changing moment. The sense of community I felt was incredible, and like nothing I’d ever experienced before. I was welcomed by a community of kind-hearted people. We see each other once a week, sing, pray and say nice things about each other – where is the harm in that?

It is rather sad to see someone like Amanda Marcotte. We can only assume that she has never been part of such a community. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be the sad and bitter soul that she seems to be. We can only hope she finds her way.

The Takeaway

No religion is “toxic”. Religion has a powerful role in the lives of many, and brings joy to billions. Religion was around long before Marcotte, and it will be around long after her life is over.

Marcotte mentions how “mandated faith is morally reprehensible”. If it is, then we dread to think what lumping together and criticising 1billion people is. The only reprehensible thing is Marcotte, and her employer Salon, for offering this wastrel a platform.

As we’ve shown in this article, Christians do an incredible amount of good for this world. Marcotte, without realising, is a benefactor of this in many ways. It is just sad that she is too ignorant to realise it.

Christianity is not toxic. It has helped billions of people, and will continue to do so. There will always be heathens trying to bring down those who are enjoying their life. We must simply ignore them, and continue to Praise God.