The disappearance of British man Jay Slater on the Spanish island of Tenerife has caused significant confusion and attracted widescale media attention.

While there has been an outcry of support for Jay and his family, many people have mentioned the same name in articles and videos about him.

This name is Tom Hilton. But who is Tom Hilton, and what does he have to do with Jay Slater’s disappearance? We take a look in this article.

Jay Slater vanished in a very mountainous region


Jay Slater, aged 19 and from Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, was on a holiday with his friends in Tenerife, Spain.

The last anyone heard from Jay was 9am on Monday 17th June. He spoke to a friend at the time on the phone, and was able to send his location – which was in the mountainous area of the Rural de Teno park.

Jay is believed to have got into a car with two men he met at a music festival. He made it to an apartment with the duo and stayed overnight.

He was due to get the bus back to where he was staying with his friends. But it appeared that Jay missed the bus. He told his friend on the phone that he would walk on foot instead – a journey that would normally take around 10 hours.

Jay was lost, needed water, and his phone only had 1% battery. Therefore, he wasn’t able to call for any assistance. He was eventually reported as missing.

Since being reported missing, a colossal search has taken place. The search has involved the use of drones, dogs, and a helicopter. However, Jay has not been found.

Who is Tom Hilton?

As mentioned earlier, there has been a lot of discussion of a man named Tom Hilton in relation to Jay Slater.

The link involves an assault on a man named Tom Hilton by a group of boys, of which Jay Slater was a part of – which took place in 2021.

Hilton was just 17 at the time of being attacked. He had gone to a popular meeting spot before being attacked by a gang of 8 teenagers, including Jay.

The gang – which were described as “like a pack of gorillas” – used machetes, an axe, and a golf club. Hilton’s skull was exposed in the attack, which also left him with wounds all over his body.

The eight teenagers were admonished by the judge for joking during their trial, and showing disrespect to both the court and the victim. Clearly, there was no remorse from any of them, including Jay.

Unbelievably, all 8 avoided prison, instead receiving slaps on the wrist. Jay was given an 18 month community order with 25 days of rehabilitation activities and 150 hours of unpaid work.

Perhaps if the British justice system was stronger, we wouldn’t be in a situation where Jay would even be free to roam the streets, let alone go out on a holiday abroad.

As a result, some have said Jay’s disappearance is a sign of karma. Whilst this rhetoric isn’t helpful, it does make you think.

Where is Jay now?

Jay is unfortunately presumed dead. The area that is being searched is full of valleys and ravines, so falling from a height would be easy – especially for someone that was disoriented and weak from a lack of food and drink.

The hope for his family is that Jay is currently sheltering and waiting for help. But as each day passes, this becomes less likely.

For his family, it is proving to be a torturous wait for answers. But many people are partaking in the search.

The Takeaway

On any occasion that someone goes missing, it is very sad. For the family and friends of the individual, it is incredibly difficult.

Jay’s past actions are questionable, and playing a part in a violent assault is sickening. Is this an act of karma? Everyone will have their own opinion.