The term “Respect existence or expect resistance” is not just a catchy saying, it is also the mantra of many pro-life organisations, all of which aim to respect life, and oppose abortion.

There is no doubting the facts – life begins at conception. We must respect existence – that is to realise that every life is a gift from God.

This is from the moment of conception, not when the child is delivered, nor when a heartbeat is first heard.

If this existence and gift from God isn’t respected, then those disrespecting this fact can expect resistance. It is important to fight for the battles of those most innocent.

The Science

The widely-proven fact is that life begins at conception. A human organism is born at the moment of sperm-egg fusion (conception). This organism is totally unique.

Left to grow, this organism will go from being a zygote to an embryo, and then a foetus. From there, it will grow in its mother’s body, before it is delivered.

This process is miraculous. To stop and actually think about how a child is born and all of the incredible things that happen – it is impossible to not be inspired.


Abortion is the name of the procedure that essentially murders an innocent child. In the vast majority of nations, elective abortion is legal.

Elective abortions are the most common cause of abortions – which are essentially when the mother of the child sees them as an inconvenience, and fails to live up to the consequences of their actions.

Some of the ways this is done is barbaric, but the ultimate truth is that regardless of method used – the result is the same, with the child being killed.

Dismembering, poisoning or starving the human are the ways this is done. This should not be legal, and is tantamount to murder.

The Pro-abortion movement

In an increasingly liberal and secular society, abortion is almost celebrated these days – which is worrying. The common saying is “my body, my choice”.

But that isn’t really the case. Because at the moment of conception, the child is a separate entity, meaning that “my body, my choice” doesn’t work. There are two different bodies.

The abortion business is disgusting. Planned Parenthood are the incarnation of evil. They were founded by a racist who wanted to “exterminate all negros”. Is this the sort of organisation that taxpayers in the US want to fund? Yet they continue to receive significant state funding.

They have been found to engage in child sex trafficking, encouraging abortions, and trying to create a culture of making children believe that abortion is an entirely normal procedure.

This is just one organisation. There are millions around the world, with countless abortions taking place day-after-day. Anyone in this movement does not appreciate life.

Providing Resistance

Anyone who is campaigning to protect the unborn is entitled to provide resistance. The pro-life community continue to battle for the rights of all humans.

There have been positive steps in recent months and years, but more needs to be done. Some states in America, Poland, Malta and El Salvador are some examples of nations that operate strict abortion laws – and protect the lives of the unborn.

Many people suggest that being pro-life is at odds with being a feminist. But again, this is untrue. In fact, one of the most passionate and revered feminists of all time – Susan B. Anthony – campaigned against abortion, calling it “child murder”.

Pro-life organisations

Not all pro-life organisations are strictly religious. Many just realise that abortion is wrong. Period. Many organisations though use the word of God in the Bible for guidance.

Central to our lives is the principle of the sanctity of life – which suggests that all life is a gift from God. This includes anyone that hasn’t yet been born.

Christians also point to the first book of the Bible, Genesis, where it mentions that all humans – both male and female – are made in God’s image. God has instructed us to multiply, inhabit the earth and steward the planet (Genesis 1:27-28).

Among the organisations that are battling for the rights of the unborn are Rehumanize International, Live Action, March for Life and the Susan B. Anthony List. Many other organisations fighting for life exist – all of which help the overall effort.

The Takeaway

The mantra is clear – everyone must respect existence. Existence starts from conception. Anyone who doesn’t respect this should expect resistance.

The pro-life community continues to grow and will continue to battle for the lives of the unborn. Life from conception, no exception.