Dua Lipa is a singer who has millions of fans around the world, who adore her for her music. Like many singers, she has waded into a range of human interest topics, using her platform to try and force her opinions on the world.

Dua Lipa had been around for a few years before her “New Rules” song thrust her into the spotlight. What then happened became very sad. She went from a sweet and upbeat girl to a hypocritical, misandrist, supporter of eugenics and above all – adopted a radical left-wing stance on life.

Dua has since become one of the most arrogant celebrities on the planet. It is worrying that she has become so popular among those that simply don’t think for themselves, and instead blindly follow what the media tell them to. Dua is not a good role model – as this article shows.

Who is Dua Lipa?

Dua Lipa is an English singer of Kosovan descent. She initially worked as a model when she was younger, before signing with Warner Bros. Records in 2014.

Lipa made a modest start to her musical career, and had a strong base of fans. In 2017, a new album launched her into the mainstream. Since then, Lipa decided to thrust all of her political opinions on the world.

It seems that she believes that she knows everything, and anyone that thinks otherwise is not worthy of sharing the same oxygen as her.

It is well-known that the media widely adopts a left-wing stance, making Lipa a dream for the media. This means that many are almost forced to treat her as a role model. But there are many reasons why she shouldn’t be.

1. Dua Lipa trivializes mental health

Despite calling mental health an “issue of our generation”, Lipa has actually trivialized mental health. Following attending Glastonbury Festival in 2019, Lipa captioned a post with the words “glasto ptsd” [sic].

Now, clearly this was intended as a joke. But what about those who actually suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? How does it make them feel – to see some spoiled rich kid in a privileged environment, complaining?

Many people with PTSD would do anything to attend such an enjoyable event. But due to suffering from such a debilitating condition, they are unable to do so.

Dua trivializing mental health

Then there have been times where Lipa has said she had “anxiety” following a viral video of her looking like a pencil sharpener doing the rounds. But as anyone with true anxiety would tell you – someone who performs to millions like Lipa does simply couldn’t suffer from anxiety, these two are not compatible.

2. Dua Lipa is antisemitic

It is also apparent that Dua Lipa is antisemitic – meaning she discriminates against Jewish people. This is at odds with her supposed stance of equality for all.

One of Lipa’s most controversial acts has been sharing and endorsing a antisemitic post about the Israeli Defence Forces’ actions towards Palestine. The post in question saw her support a quote that called members of the Israeli government “fake Jews”, which had supposedly “created Hamas” to justify “decades worth of occupation, oppression, ethnic cleansing, and MURDER”.

In the same post, Lipa also insulted Christians by listing the United States as having “fake Christians in the mid west”. These blatant lies and criticism

Lipa is not used to being called out for her opinions. She finally was called out by an advert in The New York Times. She reacted like a petulant child. In the advert, her, alongside Bella and Gigi Hadid, were called out by the head of the World Values Network, for accusing Israel of ethnic cleansing, and for vilifying the Jewish state.

Picture Credit: New York Times. This is the advert from the World Values Network.

Lipa is the classic example of someone who comments on a subject without fully understanding it. We can guarantee that she has never taken an in-depth look at the Israel and Palestine situation.

It is questionable as to why Lipa is even involving herself in this matter. Why is she wading into something that does not affect her. If she does wish to get involved, then at the very least she should make sure she doesn’t spread misinformation.

3. Dua Lipa is a hypocrite – her stance on abortion

Lipa is one of the most pro-abortion celebrities. She has taken to social media on so many occasions to object to any restrictions on abortion.

In doing so, Lipa is going against science – which has confirmed that a human’s life starts at conception. Essentially, Lipa is encouraging the death of a defenceless child.

She may consider like most people that are pro-abortion that fetuses are not real humans. Yet as we see in her photo below, what she calls a fetus seems quite human-like.

Her hypocritical post

Lipa often shares inflammatory material on social media regarding abortion. She is clearly pro-abortion, but seems to treat anyone who has a moral compass and therefore is against abortion, with utter disdain.

Of course, the ultimate irony is that if Lipa was aborted, she wouldn’t be on this planet to make these ridiculous statements, and write her cringeworthy diatribes.

4. Dua Lipa is a bully

Lipa paints herself as an advocate of equality for all. However, this isn’t the case for those that Lipa doesn’t like. We actually have a separate article on how Dua Lipa attempts to bully American President Donald Trump.

Leading up to the 2020 American election, Lipa went on a hellbent mission of denouncing everything to do with Trump. Persistent and endless insults and derogatory statements are akin to bullying.

The aforementioned article shows just a few examples of Lipa’s unhealthy obsession with President Trump – someone who is likely unaware of who Lipa even is. This is of course, a very fortunate position Trump finds himself in.

Continuing with President Trump, Lipa was urging her supporters to vote for Joe Biden. Once again, Lipa was getting involved in something that really doesn’t impact her. See a few examples below:

Some of Lipa’s derisory social media posts

In endlessly bullying Trump, Lipa is showing her followers that it is acceptable to bully anyone that you don’t like. What a terrible thing to teach people. This will inevitably cause problems for many people who become the victims of bullying. This is not role model behaviour.

As we point out in the dedicated article, ask yourself this – if the tables were turned and a prominent male singer was consistently criticising a female politician, they would be labelled a misogynist, sexist, and probably a fascist too. We imagine Lipa would be among the first to decry the person.

5. Dua Lipa is a hypocrite – her stance on “being a feminist”

Lipa has certainly established herself as a “feminist”. Every award win, every caption, every newsletter of her Service95 publication – the world has to listen to Lipa ramming how amazing women are, and supposedly how there are no opportunities anywhere, ever, for women.

Yet there is the old saying that actions speak louder than words. Lipa was pictured going to a strip club – somewhere that sees women cavorting around scantily clad, hardly somewhere that promotes feminism.

But Lipa enjoyed herself, and was even shown to be throwing money at the strippers – objectifying women. Yet Lipa didn’t seem to mind, underlining her hypocrisy.

6. Dua Lipa is a misandrist

Lipa certainly wants the best for females, however there is a difference between wanting equality and wanting female supremacy. This is a line that Lipa certainly crosses.

Endlessly saying during award victory speeches that woman need to win more awards. Although Lipa probably wouldn’t care to admit, it is done on talent. Why should awards be given to women just because they are women? Are we now punishing men for just so happening to be born as a male?

Then we see the way she treats men. She had an on-off relationship with chef Isaac Carew. It seemed within days she was in a relationship with musician Paul Klein, before returning to Carew.

She then entered a relationship with model Anwar Hadid. But they have also since parted ways. But presumably, these were all the male’s fault, and she isn’t the problem, despite three of her relationships failing.

Yet as we see below, she encouraged attendees at one of her concerts to sing a song that criticises all of the “f***boys” that have “done you wrong”. Once again, Lipa seems to suggest that men are always in the wrong.

Dua Lipa’s concert that took a misandrist approach

7. Dua Lipa used a racial slur

Back in 2014, Lipa was covering a song which she uploaded to the internet. In this song, she used the highly-controversial racial slur “n****r” – one of the most offensive words in the English language.

While some may say she was too young at the time, she was 19 – an age where anyone with a few brain cells knows the meaning behind the word, and how it deeply offends black people.

While her hypocrisy shows that Dua is far from the most intelligent, even she would have known the damage that using that word could do.

When the video surfaced in 2018, unbelievably the left-wing media decided all is good, and there was minimal controversy.

8. Dua Lipa acts entitled

One recurring theme can be found throughout all of the above entries – Dua Lipa believes everyone should follow what she believes. She acts as if she is above everyone else, and is without doubt – entitled.

Anyone that doesn’t support her and her views should be ostracised it seems. The classic example of this is her reaction to the 80million people that voted for President Trump in the 2020 election. See it below:

Lipa, like most of the sheep that follow her, purely believes what the media tell them. What the media ignore is what Trump truly stands for – law and order, religious freedom, traditional family values, growth in the economy and a commitment to the Constitution.

She complained about the UK’s public choosing to leave the European Union, and she has also criticised those who vote for the Conservative Party. Again, anyone who doesn’t align with her way of thinking is supposedly wrong.

This sense of entitlement is concerning. Again, it shows all of her tens of millions of followers that brat-like behaviour is okay, and that anyone that doesn’t agree with you shouldn’t be engaged with. A world without freedom of speech would be very, very concerning.

The Takeaway

The fact that someone as detestable as Dua Lipa is so popular is a rather shameful indictment on the world we live in. Whether Dua truly believes what she says, or is just doing what her management tell her to do – mindful of the agenda that the media push – we will never truly know.

But there are so many amazing role models out there – no one should be looking at Dua Lipa as being a role model. While it seems an insult to mention the upcoming people in the same paragraph as Lipa, children should be pointed to true role models like Mother Teresa and Angela Merkel.

Lipa could work with refugees, the ill, the disabled, and do things that don’t inflame such intense passions, and act like she is better than everyone else. Hopefully Lipa will realise soon that she is not the second coming of Christ.