Enzo Parissot was a 15 year-old boy that was tragically murdered in France by two thugs. These thugs were migrants.

The murder was unprovoked. This sickening act resulted in the death of a 15 year-old, and affected his friends and family enormously.

The case shocked the people of France

Murder of Enzo Parissot

Enzo was murdered on Saturday 22nd July 2023. At the time he was just 15, and lived in the small town of Hague-Malherbe, near Louviers.

Parissot was minding his own business, when he was killed by two others. These two have been identified as migrants.

Reports say that Enzo merely looked at the duo, which was enough for them to launch an attack which resulted in Enzo being stabbed to death.

The two miscreants were both aged 15. The Police were able to arrest the two people involved. There have been very few updates regarding the legal case against them.

There are few details on the altercation, but witness statements suggest that Enzo did nothing wrong. Sadly, he was seemingly murdered for nothing.

Unfortunately, the murder was given very limited coverage from the mainstream media, who refuse to engage in any story that even dares to question migrants.

Family reaction

Enzo’s mother Sophie had an interview with Le Figaro. In this interview, she criticised the media for their lack of reporting on the case.

Similarly, she posted on LinkedIn to ask politicians, media personalities and footballers to bring awareness to the case. But of course, no one did. Sadly, Enzo had the wrong skin colour for this.

The worst part is that we know if this was the other way around, and a migrant was killed by two white boys, that it would make headlines around the world.


A fundraiser to help the family of Enzo managed to raise over 38,000 euros. This helped them to pay for his funeral.

A “white march” took place on what would have been Enzo’s 16th birthday. This was a march which involved friends, family and community members all wearing white. They set off balloons afterwards.

The murder shocked the French public. Many people are afraid for their safety, including in the Hague-Malherbe area.

Questions on immigration

For many, the murder resulted in questions about immigration. France’s liberal approach to immigration has been linked with numerous murders, gang violence and terrorist attacks.

It would be unfair to say all migrants are like the vermin that murdered Enzo. However, there is no denying the rise in crime seen across France, especially in areas which have high level of migrants.

These are people who have been taken in by France and offered safety and shelter. Sadly, so many of them do not uphold western values. In many cases, this can have a terrible effect – as seen in this case.

A similar case involved a girl called Eva Helgetun – who was a beautiful 14 year-old girl who tragically took her own life just a month after being sexually assaulted by three African immigrants.

The Takeaway

The case of Enzo Parissot is tragic. For such a young man to lose a life, and for his family to be without him forever more, is a travesty.

Enzo will be remembered, A plaque was inaugurated at the town’s stadium, which features the name of Enzo Parissot.

He will never be forgotten by those that care, and do not follow a warped agenda. Sadly, the media has already forgotten.