Avril Lavigne has always been a maverick – a unique, free spirit that has thrilled her fans for years. From Complicated to Sk8er Boi and the unforgettable Girlfriend – she has provided hit after hit.

But behind her angelic looks and sweet smile, she has a rather strange relationship with the human race – from awkward fan photos, to violence and of course that strange myth.

Her younger years… not afraid to attack people

Back in 2004, when Lavigne was a fresh-faced 19-year old, she spoke to Blender Magazine about an incident in a record store. She spoke of how, while most people were very nice to her when she was spotted in public, there were exceptions.

She spoke of a time that a man talked trash to her in a record store, which she subsequently left, attempting to take the high ground. But the man followed Lavigne out of the store and continued to verbally abuse the singer.

Then, in Avril Lavigne’s words: “I grabbed him and was like, ‘What’d ya say?’ Then he mouthed off at me again, so I kneed him really hard in the balls.” Don’t mess with Avril, and that isn’t the last you’ll hear of her ball-kneeing in this article…

Then, according to Lavigne, his “little punk” girlfriend went up to her, asking what she was doing. After Avril said to them “what are you doing”, they both ran off.

Later in 2004, in an appearance with Maxim magazine, Lavigne said that she had kicked a girl “in the box” after she insulted her in a bar. Once again, it seems Lavigne is not afraid to hold back.

While we’re talking violence from Avril Lavigne, a 2003 article in the awfully radical left-wing Guardian, a news reporter reviewed a live show of Lavigne’s. In it, the reporter states “a fan invited on stage is such a boisterous oaf that her pretend kick in the balls during the line ‘You look a fool to me’ seems to carry genuine venom”. Enough violence for now…

Her awkward fan photo shoot

One of the most infamous events associated with Avril Lavigne is “that” awkward photo shoot with fans in Brazil. These Brazilian fans paid the equivalent of £200/$275 for an exclusive “meet and greet” with Avril.

The pictures that they forked out for though led to widespread ridicule, and criticism of Avril Lavigne. A “no touching” rule was clearly enforced, but perhaps a little bit too literally. Avril literally looked like she wanted to be anywhere but a meet and greet.

You can see the full album at this link – should you dare. And the original Reddit post is available at this link – if you wish to see a rather hilarious reaction.

Avril talks self-defence

With Avril known to be rather violent to strangers on the street, and also not exactly brimming with enthusiasm for fans, it might not come as a surprise that Avril has a plan for how to deal with annoying men who try to hit on her.

In an interview, she stated that at first she says “shoo” – as if she is herding some sheep into a field. Lavigne says she then tells them to “turn around”, “shoo” again, and then to “go”.

But in true Avril style, if this verbal onslaught doesn’t do the trick, she has her trusty “kick in the nuts” as a backup, stating “and then, after that, I’ll kick him in the nuts”. Once again, we know not to cross Avril.

The Myth of Avril Lavigne’s death

While many celebrities have fallen victim to conspiracy theories regarding their apparent death, the conspiracy theory suggesting Lavigne passed away in 2003 has attracted significant interest.

We have a full article that looks at this mysterious conspiracy, but we summarise it here briefly. Some suggest that after being overwhelmed by the pressures of being famous, that Lavigne sadly took her own life in 2003.

She was apparently replaced by a woman named “Melissa Vandella”, who had originally been hired as a lookalike to help deter the papparazi away from Lavigne.

But following Lavigne’s death, Vandella apparently acted as a body double – replacing Lavigne so that the record label would not miss out on the success Avril was enjoying.

While there isn’t an awful lot of proof of this theory, some point to “evidence” including appearance changes (eye shape, jawline, nose differences), handwriting changes, lyric interpretations and even tattoos.

Such is the impact of the conspiracy theory, Avril has been forced to actually deny it herself. She confirmed that her “death” did not occur during a 2018 radio appearance.

Avril remarked “Yeah, some people think that I’m not the real me, which is so weird! Like, why would they even think that?”

Charitable Work

It is important to note that Avril Lavigne has done a tremendous amount of charitable work. While this article may have focused a little too much on some of Avril’s strange moments, there is no doubting the good she has done for the world.

Among the charities that she has supported include the Special Olympics, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, UNICEF and War Child. She has appeared at several events with a charitable benefit to them.

She has also helped to raise awareness of Lyme Disease – with Lavigne being diagnosed with the condition when she was 30. Having struggled with the debilitating condition, her emotional ballad “Head Above Water” was a poignant reminder of how far she had come in her recovery.

…She’s not all talk, Avril Lavigne knees her security guard in the balls

Just when you thought we’d written enough about Avril Lavigne’s passion for kicking men in the balls, there is just a bit more. This one proves that she isn’t all talk!

While appearing in an online video, Avril Lavigne was shown kneeing her security guard in the balls not once, not twice, but three times. And, she slapped him for good measure too…

While the attack appears to be in good spirits, there is no doubting that this article alone has showed that no one – especially no man – is safe near Avril.

The Takeaway

Ultimately, you could say anyone and everyone has a strange relationship with the human race. Living life in the public eye isn’t easy, and having been known for all of her adult life, it is understandable for Lavigne to be slightly eccentric.

With that said, we have learned over the years not to mess with Avril, not to spend hundreds on a meet and greet “experience” with her, or to add fuel to the fire in terms of her supposed “death”.

Whatever happens, Avril Lavigne is a true once-in-a-generation talent, and she is known for being a groundreaking female artist. Let’s hope she never changes!

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