After rightfully being handed two, 5-second penalties, Lewis Hamilton missed the chance to do things:

  1. Equal the great Michael Schumacher’s wins record
  2. Not throw his toys out of the pram.

While Hamilton will never quite reach the magnitude of Schumacher’s personality nor popularity, one would have thought that after being in Formula One for over ten years, that Hamilton would understand the rules.

See the interview below, prepare yourself for something cringeworthy.

Lewis “Holier than thou” Hamilton

While Hamilton adopting a “Holier than thou” approach to life is nothing new, his attempts to suggest that Formula 1 are “trying to stop him”, is just pure lunacy.

Frankly, it is almost as cringeworthy as the accent he has decided to put on in recent years, seemingly trying to convince everyone he is American. His fashion sense too is that one step further in terms of cringeworthiness.

Hamilton’s remarks are ridiculous. By speaking in such a way, he is disrespecting teammate Valteri Bottas, and the rest of the paddock too. The same paddock that Hamilton seems to enjoy lecturing the importance of equality.

Hamilton has been open in his demands for equality, and has been prepared to alienate all of those around him in his efforts. Hamilton appears to think he is bigger than the sport. Never before has Formula 1 seen an ego like his.

Lewis Hamilton the hypocrite

There is no doubting that Hamilton’s efforts to make Formula 1 a more inclusive sport is admirable. But it is also hypocritical – Hamilton has no problem racing in countries where human rights are denied to the vast majority of civilians.

Hamilton appears to be happy to race in the likes of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia – where human rights are not routinely expected. But Hamilton suddenly seems to stop his social justice warrior ways when it comes to these countries?

Such hypocrisy is very strange, oh wait, he is paid to race there. It seem that Lewis “holier than thou” Hamilton is prepared to compromise on his morals when money is involved. How noble.

No one is “trying to stop” Hamilton

Hamilton seems to be so obsessed with himself that he has concoted this story about people trying to stop him, as we reported on above. Someone needs to tell Hamilton – it’s not all about you. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

Unless something crazy happens, Hamilton will pass Schumacher’s record, which will be a dark day for the sport. Having been in one of the best cars his entire career, and given the huge increase in the number of races held each year, it is very surprising that it has taken Hamilton so long to pass this record.

An arrogant, immature, spoiled brat – Hamilton may play the victim card over and over, but the true victims are the fans that continue to be bored by the current state of Formula One, as well as Hamilton’s endless lectures and diatribes about his life.

The Takeaway

Perhaps the most disappointing part of this episode is that we have just become accustomed to Hamilton’s lectures towards us peasants. But still, it remains beyond tiresome.

It is getting to the point where Hamilton will expect two formation laps – one for the tyres, and one for Hamilton to use a megaphone to lecture the world about his struggles.

Conveniently, he never seems to mention of his decision to race in nations where atrocity after atrocity takes place. Of course, the media fawn over Hamilton’s every word, and don’t question him about this.

Hopefully the upcoming rule change will spark some much needed life into Formula 1. It has been done before, but Hamilton has already suggested it has been done to try and stop Mercedes. Sigh.