Social media influencer Zara McDermott managed to “accidentally” kick boyfriend Sam Thompson in the balls in a hilarious Instagram reel shared yesterday.

Zara and Sam were attempting to complete a well-known TikTok sequence that involves two people, typically boyfriend and girlfriend, engaging in a movement that involves the girl doing a roly-poly, before being helped onto her feet by the boy, with the sequence ending in a hug.

The idea was excellent, and would have ended in an impressive video for their fans. The reality was different however, with the attempt ending in Sam clutching his balls and Zara laughing hysterically.

See the video for yourself below.

Was it intentional?

One of the main questions asked by all was whether or not Zara intended to kick Sam in the balls. Judging by the reactions of those in the comments, as well as the parties involved, it seems that the answer to that is a firm yes.

When uploading the video, Sam captioned it “convinced she meant it”, before conceding “but if you give it you gotta take it sometimes”. This caption relates to Sam’s regular pranks that he plays on Zara, which typically ends with Zara getting annoyed at her boyfriend’s antics.

This time though it was Zara who had the last laugh. The video shows Sam trying to explain to Zara how to do the trick. As he is in the middle of explaining however, Zara launches into the trick, with her outstretched legs nailing Sam where it hurts the most.

Zara immediately laughs hysterically, as Sam utters an expletive. As Sam rolls around clutching his manhood, Zara offers a rather insincere apology, uttering “sorry” as she laughs hysterically at the situation.

Zara finishes by saying she “misjudged” the situation – easily done. The video ends with Zara laughing and Sam in pain on the floor. How long Sam was down for is unknown, though as most men can testify, probably a while.

Whilst sharing the video to her story, Zara cheekily captioned it “was it intentional? we’ll never know”. Based off of this, it is probably fair to assume that Zara did indeed mean to kick Sam in the balls.

Now you decide:

Did Zara McDermott mean to kick Sam in the balls?

The Comments

The comments on the post were full of laughing emoji’s. Several prominent influencers were sure Zara meant it, with comments such as “she fully meant that” and “she rolled with a purpose” being written.

Many girls who watched the video seemingly tagged their boyfriends, meaning that some people could be in for a painful ride later. Hopefully though for the sake of humanity if nothing else, they will have more success.

The Takeaway

As many men will speak of, being kicked down there is not a pleasant experience. Hopefully Sam will find solace in the fact that the kick to the balls was administered by Zara McDermott – one of the best looking girls out there.

As Sam finished the caption in his video, maybe “one day we will be a cool Instagram gym couple”. For now though, that dream seems on hold. Don’t mess with Zara.