Certain quotes have a way of making us think about life. One such quote is “If I ever become an option, don’t choose me”. This powerful quote has a deep, philosophical meaning to it.

There are some variations of this quote, such as “If I’m ever an option, don’t choose me.” But regardless of how it is displayed, the message of this quote remains the same.

Typically, this quote relates to love, and how a person wants to be a priority to the person they love, rather than simply being an option. Let’s look at this in more detail.

The world is full of people!

Analysing the Quote “If I Ever Become An Option, Don’t Choose Me”

Someone saying this quote may be deeply in love with someone, or just saying this as it will relate to the future for when they find a potential partner.

Either way, the person saying this quote would be concerned that they might become simply an “option” to the person they are thinking about, rather than being their total priority.

Therefore, when saying this quote, a person may suggest that they want to be valued deeply, and that they should never be seen as an “option” for anyone else.

Importance of having self-worth

This quote is about self-worth – and relates to how a person sees themselves as being highly-valuable – which we should all feel about ourselves.

We don’t want to be seen as an option by anyone, instead we want to be someone’s entire world – and be truly loved by them. They shouldn’t be around purely when it is convenient for them, this has to be a two-way process.

Everyone knows that love is a very complex emotion. Most people will just have one person that they will spend their lives with in Holy matrimony. Therefore, it is important to choose the right person.

But it is also important to remember that a person who was deeply in love with someone would not second-guess their feelings – and question whether or not the person they are with is right for them. Instead, they shouldn’t be seen as an option.

Life can be difficult


A real-life scenario where this might take place could involve a girl who yearns for a boy that is already taken. But in an awkward triangle, a different boy has romantic feelings for the girl.

The girl might be aware that the other boy is interested in them, and they might see them as a “back-up” choice, in case they aren’t able to convince the boy that she yearns for that she is right for him.

But the boy that likes the girl may see this, and realise that she ultimately doesn’t have feelings for him. But perhaps the girl keeps the boy close to her, wary that she wants to keep her back-up choice available.

In this instance, the boy may realise this, and think to himself – I do not want to be merely an option for the girl – instead, he would want to be the first choice, or even better, the only choice, for the girl.

The Takeaway

This quote is an intriguing one, though there is a strong meaning to it. Most people will be able to sympathise with this quote, having probably been through similar emotions at some point in their life.

We all want to end up with someone who sees us as the great person that we are. We should never be a “back-up” choice, a “go-to” when the going gets tough, or any other option.

Instead, we must show our self-worth, and never accept ourselves to be worthy of just being an option. Sometimes, we just have to walk away.