The likelihood is that during your University years, you will meet more new people than you ever will have done previously. You, along with thousands of others, are thrown into one big group.

University is definitely a great place to make friends. While there is an element of luck involved in making friendship groups, people largely choose who they spend their time with.

However, this is usually not the case when it comes to flatmates. As a result, you are likely to see a whole range of different people, many of which will fall into one of the 12 below character types.

1. The Thief

Where else to begin?! One of the most annoying people you’ll come across is the thief, who will take your food, milk and anything inbetween. Their natural state is a scavenger.

Even writing your name on your food won’t stave off the threat of the thief. Something in the fridge goes missing? You know where it will have gone.

2. The Party Animal

While most students are there to get a degree whilst having fun, a minority are there to have fun whilst getting their degree. Instead of a person studying for a Bachelor of Arts, some want to earn a Bachelor of partying qualification.

Whether its a weekday, weekend or early evening, the party animal will always be out, having a great time. The most annoying part comes though when this person comes stumbling in at 3am each night, making a load of sound while they are at it.

3. The Rockstar

Look, it was all fun and games on that first day when this person showed everyone their collection of guitars. It also provided a good way of instigating conversation.

But a few weeks in, and everything has changed. This person plays their music as loud as they can, often to the point where the walls start physically shaking, and you struggle to focus.

4. The Borrower

Most girls who have a younger or older sister will be able to attest to this. Most girls, and some men, decide to “borrow” clothes off of a flatmate. It is done with the intention of being returned the next day.

But in reality, we all know what actually happens. Despite the person promising to return it for weeks on end, there isn’t ever any sight of the garment in question. Eventually, you will cut your losses with this person.

5. The slob

Another common person that you will come across is a slob. This person lounges around all day doing very little. Do they attend classes? No. Do they have a job? No.

Instead, they just sit around and watch Netflix all day. Then when they make a rare trip to the kitchen, they will certainly not wash up after themselves, making them nothing but a nuisance.

6. The accountant

Usually, one of the wiser figures that you will come across will act as an accountant. They will carefully budget outgoings, and generally keep everyone in check with their trademark saying “I’ve crunched the numbers”.

When you are out of halls and paying for your heating, they will closely monitor it, and would rather freeze than pay for heating. A difficult person to put up with, but you’ll thank them at the end of each month when bills are low.

7. The demolisher

It would be an insult to call this person “accident-prone”. Simply put, this doesn’t cut it. Whatever they touch appears to break. The kettle, toaster, even the extractor fan – it all gets broken.

And yes, this is the same person that thinks playing with an inflatable football inside is fun. While in student halls this behaviour is somewhat expected, if seldom tolerated, in a house, this sort of behaviour is forbidden.

8. The cleaner

The kitchen doesn’t clean itself. As the hours and then days go by, the kitchen will become a rather dirty mess. Fortunately, there is normally a brave soul who is happy to clean the kitchen and generally keep the place looking presentable.

While you may dream of creating a nice-looking rota for cleaning, the chances of it being kept to are minute. In the end, it can be a case of a few different people pitching in at different times to just about keep the kitchen under control.

9. The snoop

If you have a snoop in your house, then expect every private detail of your life to be questioned. They want to know the latest about everything – it is as if they live for gossip.

You will often spot them peeking over your shoulder when a long message from your significant other or love interest appears. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a secret when this person is around.

10. The AWOL one

This refers to the person that is never in. You don’t know where they go each day, have no clue what they are up to, and it gets to the point where you question why they even bother renting a room.

You may see them in passing once in a while, but their lack of appearances makes the house seem smaller. Still, as long as they are happy, that is the main thing.

11. The passive-aggressive one

The passive-aggressive individual is a very common sight throughout all walks of life. You hear from another housemate that they’ve complained about you doing something wrong. They may also write on the group chat to complain about something else.

However, when you see them face-to-face, there is no showdown or titanic tussle, instead there is no problem. They wouldn’t dare take you on in person – instead they prefer their passive ways in person, and aggression when alone.

12. The best friend

But above all, the very best person you’ll have in your house or flat is the best friend. You do things together, like the same food and activities, and generally enjoy one another’s company

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to meet someone that becomes their best friend. But hopefully everyone will have at least someone that they get along with very well, which helps to make it a pleasant experience.

The Takeaway

You never really know what you are going to get when it comes to a student house. There are such a wide variety of people you could encounter, but they will generally fit into the above categories.

Finding a good mix of people can be difficult, but hopefully the experience proves positive for everyone, and friendships are formed. That’s certainly the dream!