Naim Darrechi is a well-known social media influencer who has millions of followers. At a young age, he surely has a bright future ahead of him!

Therefore, it came as an act of significant braveness when Darrechi risked everything by declaring pro-life views online. This is an act that – in a left-wing inspired media – often leads to mass criticism.

But Darrechi bravely supported the pro-life movement. In doing so, he endeared himself to all of those in the pro-life movement, and showed his respect for the most innocent life of all – the unborn.

The Spanish pro-life movement is large!

Who is Naim Darrechi?

Darrechi was born in February 2002. He is from Mallorca in Spain. Spain is a majority-Catholic nation – a branch of Christianity which firmly opposes abortion.

Darrechi is very popular on social media, having initially started posting in 2016. His Instagram profile has over 6million followers! Meanwhile, his YouTube channel has almost 4million followers.

Darrechi is best-known for his TikTok account, where he has over 30million followers! His videos feature a range of topics and content

Declaring pro-life views

On 19th May 2021, Darrechi posted a video where he had been asked “what do you think about abortion?” In response to this, Darrechi spoke about his pro-life and anti-abortion views.

An abortion is interrupting a life

-Naid Darrechi

Darrechi said in response that “an abortion is interrupting a life”. He went onto say that “when a woman is pregnant, if she doesn’t take anything, if she doesn’t abort, the natural cycle is going to make a life emerge”.

When asked about the supposed lack of pain fetuses experience (which is incorrect – fetuses do feel pain) in an abortion, Darrechi said that “it’s not a question of whether it suffers or not; the question is that a life is being taken away; a life that society has disregarded”.

Darrechi also took the chance to compare abortion to murder. He said that “I can enter your house, turn on the gas and take your life without you suffering. I’m going to get 30 years for murder, and when someone has an abortion, which is the same thing, not only is it free but we pay for it out of our taxes”. Darrechi’s analogy was very truthful.

There was significant support for Darrechi by many commenters. Unfortunately, there were many who criticised Darrechi. Sadly though, these people generally only believe what the media tells them to, and don’t think for themselves.


Saying things like this online was incredibly brave of Darrechi. It didn’t slow down his support either – with Darrechi claiming millions more followers in recent years.

Darrechi acknowledged the potential backlash, stating that he expected “some negative comments” for thinking what he thinks, but that “no one is going to tell me that an abortion isn’t taking a life”.

Ambitions of being a father

Darrechi also spoke to wanting to become a father in the future. For someone so young, he speaks very maturely.

Darrechi said that “giving life to someone, and on top of that having the responsibility of raising them, and being able to teach them and guide them, is the most beautiful and precious thing in the world”.

The Takeaway

This act of bravery from Naim Darrechi was commendable. At a time where you can win followers just by going with the left-wing approach of supporting abortion, Darrechi did the opposite – very bravely.

The more people that support the pro-life movement, the better. Hearing such opinions from those with large platforms is even better. Hopefully, it has helped many to re-think their views.