Gavin and Stacey is one of the most iconic shows of the 21st Century, with few shows reaching the popularity that Gavin and Stacey enjoys.

For three seasons, we followed the titular Gavin and Stacey’s relationship, following a whirlwind romance, a temporary split, and a heartwarming reunion.

Not only did Gavin and Stacey keep us entertained, but it was their extended families that really made the show. The West and Shipman family – which were unfortunately named after serial killers – provided viewers with a lot of drama.

There were 13 main characters in Gavin and Stacey, and in this article, we have rounded them up and ranked them from best to worst. At the end of the article, take a moment and vote for your favourite!


It may seem strange starting with one of the main characters, but let’s be honest, Stacey was not the most likeable individual.

Her moods seemed to change by the minute, and she unilaterally decided to stop using protection in an effort to get pregnant, without her partner’s knowledge.

She was a difficult character to root for, especially when she was on the verge of divorcing Gavin. It was eventually a happy ending for Stacey, but the damage was done in our eyes.


The other name that we need to get out the way is Gavin. Strangely enough, it is Gavin and Stacey that are the worst characters in Gavin and Stacey.

While Gavin doesn’t really do anything wrong, his story arc is rather dull and boring. He tries to support Smithy, and is a loving son to Pam and Mick, but like Stacey, he is hard to root for.

While he deserves credit for putting up with Stacey’s moods, we would have liked to see a bit more drama with Gavin, he was a little too ordinary (we hope you get our drift… where’s Chico?).


Dave Coaches served a strong purpose in the show, he was a valued member of the Barry crew, and drove the Barry contingent to Essex on many occasions.

But while Dave was good to many on the show, he was most noticeable for being the vehicle that was wedged between Ness and Smithy, and a possible relationship.

Dave does deserve credit for honourably walking aside when Smithy interrupted his wedding at the eleventh hour, and for taking the punch from Pete like a champion, but we love Ness and Smithy too much to place him too highly.


The loveable Pete is next up at number 10. He played more of a minor role than most, but made his presence felt when he did appear.

He and his wife Dawn are introduced as a bickering and quarrelling couple. And this continues throughout the show, though there are some moments of love, such as when Pete punches Dave for talking about Dawn in an offensive way. We all need a Pete in our lives.

Pete’s best moment was without doubt in the last season, where he renewed his vows. His ring was ridiculed, but his vows that incorporated Coldplay’s “Fix You” were legendary.


The other half of the well-known couple is Dawn. Dawn is Pam’s best friend, and like our beloved Pam, Dawn loves drama, and seemingly enjoys quarrelling with Pete.

Dawn attempts to inject some passion into her and Pete’s struggling relationship by enlisting the help of Seth – who unfortunately felt that Dawn’s 15-year old picture didn’t resemble her current appearance.

It was a blow for Dawn, but she was always up for a scrap, and we enjoyed watching her. Her and Pete largely ended on positive terms, which was good to see.


Jason is best known for being one half of those tormented by the dreaded fishing trip. He is Stacey’s older brother, and is homosexual.

Jason is a very kind man – he provides a shoulder to cry on, exhibits a friendly outlook on life, and has an upbeat mood. So there is very little not to like about Jason.

Our only regret is that we didn’t see more of Jason, though when we did see him, we enjoyed is presence. A ray of light.


Good old reliable Gwen. Gwen is Stacey’s mother, and she is renowned for making some legendary omelettes. Throughout the show, she serves up many an omelette.

Gwen is a little boring – let’s be honest – but she makes up for that through her kind ways. And she offers a degree of normality in an otherwise crazy world.

But Gwen is incredibly good to Nessa, and copes well with Stacey’s crazy moods. Never change Gwen, never change.


Doris is a true one-off. She is the next-door neighbour of the West family, and has a range of young lovers, she is a modern-day cougar.

She propositions Gavin, has a long-standing rivalry with Jean, and provides sexual-based advice to Stacey. A true legend of Barry, and one of the most entertaining characters in the show.

But most noticeably, she delivers one of the funniest lines on the show – after Bryn asks where the salad is, Doris feigns looking for it, before responding with an iconic middle finger. And if that wasn’t enough, her rendition of “There is a Light and it Never Goes Out” was amazing.


Mick was Gavin’s father, and was a bastion of calmness throughout the show. While chaos was going round, Mick kept things under control, and provided the perfect foil to his wife Pam’s wild nature.

Mick was always the man to go to for advice – with both Gavin and Smithy getting some wise words from the great man. He also gave Gavin a motivational speech on the beach, amid Gavin’s woes regarding seemingly not being able to have children.

Mick was the father that we all needed, he kept the ship on course, diffused heated situations, and entertained us all throughout the three seasons. And of course, he was a movie star.


Pam was the favourite of many – she was simply a legendary character. She simply loved drama, and was a doting mother to Gavin.

Just some of her highlights include eavesdropping on Gavin and Stacey’s arguments, claiming she was a vegeterian, getting drunk, starting a riot over Gavin and Stacey’s wedding venue, telling an anecdote about a Greek holiday, staging a rebellion against a phone mast, and a whole lot more.

The show needed a combative character like Pam. And her marriage to Mick was one of the most wholesome elements of the show, something we all strive for in the future.


Never before has British television witnessed a character like Nessa. Stacey’s best friend becomes ingrained in the lives of both the West’s and Shipman’s. Her and Smithy engage in a complicated relationship, which results in the birth of Neil, the baby.

Ness always has a story to tell, including tales of past exploits with the likes of John Prescott and Eddie Stobart. She seemingly settles down with Dave, but Smithy throws a spanner in the works.

Some of Nessa’s classic quotes include “What’s occurin'” and “tidy”. She is a complex character who goes through a lot, and is never far from drama – she is an excellent mix who entertained us hugely.


Smithy provided some of the finest moments of comedy on the show. Above all, he was arguably the most relatable character to viewers back home. We all knew someone like Smithy.

Smithy was a loyal best friend to Gavin, and delivered an excellent stag do. But it was his relationship with Nessa that took centre stage, with Smithy doing his best to be a great father to Neil, the baby. By the end of the show Smithy has saved Nessa from an unhappy marriage, and who knows what the future holds for the pair.

Throw his various mood shifts towards Gavin, his bromance with Bryn, and some of his hilarious one-liners all into the mix, and Smithy is a great character.


There’s only one man though that can take top spot, and who can be rightfully declared as the best character on Gavin and Stacey – Uncle Bryn. He was a central figure throughout the show, and we loved him for it.

Right from the get-go, he was entertaining. Organising the barn dance was a tough but funny challenge, while hosting all of Gavin’s friends brought out the young child in Bryn. Stories such as those focused on his iPod, his friends on the internet, a fledging bromance with Pete, and his performance of Something Inside so Strong were among his highlights.

Bryn was a positive spark throughout the show, and he was loved by all the characters. His heart-wrenching narration of Stacey’s father’s letter on the day of the Wedding ensured that not a dry eye was left in the house.

We all loved Bryn, and without him, the show simply wouldn’t have been the same. In a show of great characters, Bryn is the standout star.

Who is your favourite character on Gavin and Stacey?