Group projects really are one of the most annoying aspects of the University experience.

We have already compiled a list of the 10 types of people that you’ll meet on a group project – which can make for painful reading.

Among the group is the team leader – who pulls the strings of the project, and attempts to lead the team to glory.

As many team leaders will know, this typically involves doing the majority of work, trying to deal with the gradual decline in team productivity, and generally try and refrain from crying yourself to sleep for the semester.

All that we can do as a group leader is laugh off our problems, and aim for the best. Hopefully, the following memes can provide some relief.

1. The Classic Meme

Where else to begin? This meme has been around for so long, yet still remains close to the truth.

As the group leader, you’ll end up doing the majority of the work. Then there is always someone that has no idea of what is going on.

Another person commonly there is the person who says that he will help, only to vanish a few days into the project. Finally, there is the person who disappears at the start, before jumping on the bandwagon with one week to go in the project.

2. Returning to the Basics

The above pie charts are enough to send a cold sweat down any group leader’s spine.

The idea of a group project is to teach students about communication, trust, collaboration and most importantly, teamwork.

But in reality, as a group leader, the thing you truly learn is just how much you despise the human race.

3. How the others react

The above meme takes the perspective of a group member who intends on doing very little. Again, this is something that every group leader can relate to.

“They got this” is the attitude of someone that is happy to sit back and watch the word count go up, while offering nothing but sarcastic comments and the occasional reply on the group chat.

4. Attempting to rally the troops

The above is horribly true. As group leader, you need to arrange group meetings to try and keep the project moving along.

But the “seen by everyone” confirmation tick is a common sight, with no one bothering to reply.

“When is this due”, people not doing anything and the inevitable “I have work tomorrow” are all other common sights.

Not forgetting the all-time classic “where is everyone”, which is where you reach the pre-agreed meeting place, only to see it resembling a ghost town.

5. The Realisation

It usually doesn’t take long for you to realise that you are the only person that actually cares about the project.

No one else seems to worry about their future, are perfectly happy to trust you with their education, and blindly follow your every move.

6. When you make things clear

So often as well, you aren’t appointed group leader, you just automatically become the group leader as no one else bothers with their work.

At some point in the project you will need to start ruling with an iron first. This typically involves you going full-on dictator mode, in an effort to get things done properly.

7. Speaking to the person who hasn’t done their part

There comes a time in most group projects where you need to have a word with the person that is doing nothing.

The “yeah if you could” guy meme makes an appearance at this point. You don’t ask much of them – just for them to do their small part.

8. Encountering the person who has no idea what is happening

Yes, somehow in every group project there is that one person who manages to firget that they were partaking in a group project, much to your fury.

This tends to make you question your life choices, as you wonder how you managed to end up at the same educational institution as them.

9. Every Leader has been there

Yes, the rewrite. Nothing quite screams incompetence like knowing you will need to rewrite the work of others. No one likes having to rewrite someone else’s work or complete extra work, but it is a fact of life when you are a group leader.

It is a terrible feeling when you know that a 1,000 word section assigned to someone is going to result in a 400 word diatribe that makes no sense. So, the rewrite ensues.

10. A night alone

This will be another familiar feeling – being all alone in the evening, working hard on the group project. Completing the work of others and improving their “contributions” is a painful experience.

As the meme above shows, the “old computer guy” does seem to be having a great time, and that’s all you can do – just try and enjoy your own company. After all, if you didn’t laugh, you’d cry.

11. At every group presentation

A group presentation is often the final hurdle to jump over for a group project. Part of a group presentation is normally a Q&A from your lecturers.

Then that terrible moment arrives – when the person that has done nothing gets asked a question. Sleep deprived and stressed – you glare across the room at them Tiger Woods style.

This is their one moment to actually contribute to the project. Hopefully, your glare at them will help them, and make them realise the importance of their answer.

12. Looking back on the project

When the project is finally complete, it is common to look back on the project and give yourself a well-earned pat on the back for surviving it.

In line with this meme, you feel like Leslie Knope. This meme sums things up well for any group leader – writer, slide crreator, emailer, group leader, it was all you.

13. And finally…

And what better way to finish than this classic quote. Group project members letting you down is inevitable, and this joke is a way of masking your pain.

Group projects – unfortunately, they are just a part of life. Still, if there is any justice left in this world, you will go on to enjoy a great career, while those that piggy-backed off of your success will struggle.