While there are many proverbs that exist, a very well-known one is the phrase “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. The chances are, we’ve all heard it at some point in our lives, but what does it really mean?

This proverb has been around since the 16th century, and it’s one of those sayings that has stood the test of time. In essence, it means that when two people are separated, their love for each other grows stronger.

Missing someone can be very difficult

Meaning of “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”

When two people are apart, they tend to think of each other more often, which can lead to the heart feeling more love and affection for the other person.

Spending time apart can also give them a chance to reflect on the relationship, and can help them to appreciate their partner more.

Absence can also cause people to miss one another more. Missing someone can be a powerful reminder of why we love them in the first place.

When we’re apart from someone we love, we often think of all the good times we had together and all the things we appreciate about them.

The impact of distance

Many people find that long-distance relationships and friendships never work. While this might be the case, for some people this isn’t true – with love and warmth able to transcend borders.

The saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” does not mean that distance will always make relationships stronger.

If the relationship is already strained, for example, absence can cause the distance between people to be even bigger. It’s important to remember that communication is key when it comes to making relationships strong.

A reminder to appreciate time together

So, if you have a special friend, partner or family member, remember to appreciate the time you have together. Because ultimately – as sad as it is – they won’t be around forever.

So, the next time you’re apart from someone you love, take the time to appreciate them and cherish the memories you have together.

Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but it’s important to stay connected and nurture the relationship in any way you can.

Coping with grief

This proverb can also relate to grieving when someone close to you has died. This can be particularly difficult – especially as many feel that they will never see them again.

But the truth is that they will always be with you in spirit – encouraging you and watching over you as you go about your daily life.

Hopefully, you will get the chance to see them again in the afterlife. God has a plan for us all, with the hope that we will reunite in the kingdom of Heaven in the future.

The Takeaway

Being apart from those you hold close can be difficult. But it also serves as a reminder that when you do get to see those you care about – that you should appreciate the times you have.

This proverb is incredibly true and accurate. But if you are unable to ever see the person again, remember that people come and go from life, and a better person may be on the horizon.