The first year of University frequently sees students band together in halls of residence, in what can best be described as a totally unique experience.

If you’re lucky enough, these will be state-of-the-art buildings, complete with en suites, double beds, and areas for stimulating academic discussion.

The reality however for many, is that it will be the opposite – small, dingy rooms, small corridors, shared bathrooms and a kitchen that has equipment that wouldn’t have looked out of place in the 1700s.

Regardless of the state of your accommodation, the hall experience is largely the same, with the same shenanigans going on.

Here, we round-up 14 things that will happen, while you’re in student halls!

1. You will make life-long friends

Without doubt, one of the highlights of the halls experience is the chance to meet so many people.

Hopefully, some of these people will become friends, not just for your University experience, but for life!

2. There will be an adjustment phase…

University is such a huge change! Therefore, it is common to have a shaky few days, or a couple weeks, at some point.

It will take you time to adjust, but you’ll get there in the end!

3. There will be noise… and lots of it

Regardless of where in the hall you are situated – you will hear noise!

It is also important to know where the designated “pre-drink flat” is in your hall. Expect the immediate vicinity of that flat to be especially loud.

4. You’ll need to learn new things… “anyone know how to use the laundry machine?”

The likelihood is that before attending University, that one of your parents did the cooking, cleaning and washing.

But after being thrust into University, you will suddenly need to learn new skills. Befriending the already-independent folk may be a good start!

5. You’ll miss the home comforts

The Sunday Roast, the regular conversations with your sibings – unfortunately, they’ll all be left behind.

It is common to miss these things, but at least the next vacation isn’t ever too far away.

6. You will inherit another flatmate… one that has gone rogue from their flat

It will start innocently – an hour here, the occasional dinner there… but before long, that person will become a permanent fixture in your flat.

Soon enough you will just get used to their company, before the person returns to their home flat, where they will be greeted by people who had probably forgotten about their existence.

7. There will be rivalries between Halls

This is like school sports day on steroids – there isn’t much in the way of camaraderie between halls.

Expect to be greeted with unfriendly stares as you walk on enemy territory, or when you see those from other halls on night’s out.

It is though of course, a friendly rivalry!

8. Drugs are bad kids…

It probably won’t be too long, given the nature of University, that you will be offered some “illegal contreband”.

Just remember that drugs are bad, and if you do wish to go down that route, ensure that you have a trusty friend near you for if/when the inevitable problems arise.

9. There will be several flat parties, where anything can happen…

Given the price of alcohol at clubs/bars, it is necessary to consume alcohol inside.

This inevitably mean drunken antics will follow inside flats, which will inevitably cause chaos.

Hosting a flat party may sound like a fun idea at the time, but the reality is that a big clean-up will follow.

10. You will have at least one flat argument

Whether it’s through the group chat, after games night, or a row over stolen food/milk, you are sure to have some form of argument with your flatmates.

If you are one of the people in the battle, it can be an emotional occasion – but amends are normally made quickly.

If you are someone on the sidelines, sit back and enjoy!

11. Movie night will provide a rare chance for you all to get together

Netflix can be your best friend – it means there is no need to visit the cinema, and take out a second student loan for some popcorn.

A film night will provide your flat with a chance to all get together, and bond over a film… except speaking will be frowned upon.

12. At some point in the year, you will be awoken in the middle of the night by a fire alarm

Almost like a rite of passage – being awoken by a fire alarm in the early hours of the morning will be common.

Sadly, most of the time these have been “accidentally” set off, and just causes a lot of unneeded drama.

But at least it will mean that in the case of a real fire – that you will be ready.

13. By the end of the year you will appreciate every moment

As you approach the end of the year, you’ll probably get to the point where you will appreciate every moment.

You’ll realise that it is a special time, and a year that you will have learned an awful lot.

14. But above all else, you will enjoy being one, big dysfunctional family…

You may argue, you may not see eye-to-eye on things, but at the end of the day, love them or loathe them, your flatmates are your family.

Yes you’ll be dysfunctional at times, but you’ll also be a strong core. They’re your University family – and you wouldn’t want it any other way.