For several years Riverdale has thrilled fans with its over-the-top antics, dramatic storylines, and above all, its complex characters.

With so many of Riverdale’s most passionate fans at University, we decided we’d take a look at every person you’ll meet during University, with the added twist of using characters from Riverdale.

In this article, we use some of Riverdale’s most famous residents, some you may have forgotten about, and a load of mediocre characters too.

Needless to say, some of the descriptions include spoilers. Enjoy!

1. The Easy-going one: Archie Andrews

Life at University can be stressful, so it is useful to have someone easy-going around you. This is where our beloved Archie Andrews comes in.

Fun to go out with, not afraid to help out a friend, he can cope with anything life throws at him. It is safe to say that Archie is well worthy of a spot on this prestigious list.

2. The Positive influence: Veronica Lodge

At first we were unsure on Veronica – she did enter Riverdale High with a reputation. But after seeing the way she took Betty under her wing and helped Ethel, she turned out well. In later seasons, she has continued her hard work.

The positive influence at University will ensure you get your assignments done on time, will spur you on, motivate you, and be on hand to help when life is taking its toll. Unfortunately, not everyone is like this…

3. The Negative influence: Alice Cooper

Momma Cooper was a rather unpopular character in Season 1, and has since chopped and changed from being an ally to an enemy and seemingly everything in between.

But Alice held back Betty, and didn’t seem to want her to reach her full potential. We need to watch out for the likes of Alice Cooper at University – they will order those extra shots, propose going shopping instead of studying, and encourage you to miss lectures. Beware!

4. The Drinker: FP Jones

Best associated with fresher’s week – the heavy-drinker takes centre stage. Often seen with alcohol within touching distance, the heavy-drinker will encourage you to conume alcohol with them.

For this, we have chosen FP Jones. At first, he is shown to be unreliable with a short-fuse and a drinking problem. But, FP Jones managed to turn his life around, even becoming the Sheriff. But just watch out for alcohol.

5. The person you see once, and then never again: Myles McCoy

That person you see once – and then never again. You might meet them at welcome events, during a night out or anything else – there will typically be small talk, numbers being exchanged, and a kind “see you soon” at the end of the conversation. Only you don’t see them ever again.

This is a bit like Myles McCoy, who graced our screens for the grand sum of one episode. Will we see him again? Like that person on campus, no.

6. The Wise professor – Fred Andrews

Of course, while University is all fun and games, you are still there for academic success. Some orf your lecturers will be approachable, calm and interesting. They make the 9am starts bearable.

This is where Fred Andrews comes in. Fred is Archie’s father, and provides all the support a son could ever dream of. We imagine Fred would have been an excellent professor. Sadly, Fred’s real-life actor Luke Perry tragically passed away in 2019.

7. The Weird professor – Cliff Blossom

But for every Fred, there is a Cliff. Unfortunately, there are a number of strange and weird professors at University. You long suspect they are hiding something – only to find out when it’s too late.

Cliff, who ended up killing his own son, isn’t someone you would want to tussle with. But he was a respected man in Riverdale, and would be the closest fit to this personality.

8. The one you can’t read: Jughead Jones

Returning to the students, there is normally one person in your friendship group or flat that you can never quite read. Sometimes you think they are a great friend, other times you think they are intent on mass destruction.

Here we have Jughead Jones. Our beloved narrator, but there’s always that feeling that he is on the cusp of doing something crazy. He has taken good care of Betty, and the duo are without doubt an excellent pairing.

9. The reliable one: Smithers

When the essays and assignments get underway, it is useful to have someone you can go to for support when you need help. Someone that is reliable, and will help you out when you need.

They don’t come much more loyal than Smithers. Smithers is fiercely devoted to Veronica, and he does what he can to be a reliable servant to her family.

10. The workaholic: Betty Cooper

That person who never stops working, but still manages to have fun. This person instantly earns your respect, and you aspire to be like them.

No one quite knows how they manage to fit everything into their schedule, but they somehow manage to. They get excellent grades, enjoy themselves, and have an all-round great University experience.

The great Betty Cooper appears in our article here. Right from episode one, Betty has not stopped. Fighting for Polly, solving the Blossom murder, finding out the identity of the black hood, trying to bring down a cult, caring for Jughead and a whole lot more – Betty has never stopped. And we love her for it.

11. The team member that does nothing: Ginger Lopez

Group projects are a part of University – like it or not. Unfortunately, in every group project there is someone who does nothing. They simply piggyback off of others, before turning up at the end to share in the glory.

Here we choose Ginger Lopez. If you’re wondering who she is, she was once part of the Vixens. Like the person who does nothing in a group project – we can hardly remember anything she actually did.

12. The drop-out: Geraldine Grundy

This is the person that joins for fresher’s week, might come to a few lectures at the start of term, before deciding University is not for them. Many will drop-out of University, it is just a fact of life.

Enter Geraldine Grundy. Sure, she was there for the opening episodes, but after the questionable romance with Archie, she soon made a swift exit. You often wonder where the person went to, and if they will ever return.

13. The fashion Queen: Cheryl Blossom

The fashion queen can be annoying, is typically attention-seeking, but is a popular student at University. Not universally-liked, this person simply doesn’t care.

This is where Cheryl Blossom enters. Cheryl is a bit like Marmite – you either love or hate her. We are certainly in Camp Cheryl. She certainly knows how to dress, and seems that she would be an excellent person to lean on for fashion advice.

14. The Jock: Chuck Clayton

Ah, the jock. Sadly, they exist. Probably a club promoter, they will also be on either the football or rugby team, and will usually be found strutting around campus as if they own the place.

Chuck Clayton fits the bill here – having been behind the “locker-room” behaviour of many of Riverdale’s male community.

15. The creep: Nick St. Clair

Whether it is stalking people in a club, staring at girls in a lecture, or just other creepy behaviour, sadly there are always strange individuals at University that are best avoided.

Nick St. Clair is a rather controversial character, and his first episode sees him attempting to drug Cheryl. Fortunately, a group of girls attend and stop Nick in the nick of time (pun intended).

Thankfully, Veronica delivered a powerful knee to the balls of Nick. As the knee made contact with his balls, it was a moment that all girls rejoiced. Nick managed to recover by the next seeason, but fortunately, his return was short-lived.

16. The Gay best friend: Kevin Keller

A crucial part of every University experience – the gay best friend. Fashion-oriented, clever, funny and sensitive – this person is always available to offer a shoulder to cry on.

This is where Kevin Keller enters. Kevin is a reliable guy (minus the cult) and cares deeply for Betty. He is definitely someone you’d want by your side at University.

17. The gap year guy: Dilton Doiley

Last but not least, the “gap year guy”. That guy that “went to Thailand one person and came back another”, or “went to Australia to find themselves”.

They manage to relate any random event to their gap year, and won’t stop talking about it. They seem to think they are the most interesting person in the world, and almost look down on those that haven’t travelled.

While Dilton didn’t appear to go on a gap year before his untimely death, he strikes us as the sort of person that would fit this description.