London is one of the most famous cities in the world, with millions of people visiting the capital of the United Kingdom each year.

With world famous landmarks and sights like Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and the iconic red buses, there is always a lot to see.

For some lucky individuals, there will be an opportunity to be a student in London. Life as a student in London is an experience like no other! Here we take a look at some of the great things about being a student in London.

International Culture

London truly is an international city. It doesn’t matter where you come from, you will always be able to find someone else from your country in London!

This is especially true for the University’s based in London. Each University has a strong international community. Therefore, you’ll be able to learn new things about different cultures, get to know many different people, and learn new things.


Following on from the above, London is also renowned for being an incredible place for food! It doesn’t matter what your taste is, there will be something for you!

Food from every corner of the world is available, whether you like Indian, Chinese, Arabic, or any other type of food – there will be something available, especially given the size of London.


The London public transport system is one of the most advanced in the world, and makes travel incredibly easy. You can easily get from one part of London to another quickly.

Better yet, the many landmarks in the city all have great and convenient transport links. There is also an array of transport methods – train, the famous underground tube, buses, the iconic black taxi’s, and of course, walking!

Oyster Card

Sadly, one negative across the United Kingdom is that public transport is very expensive. But the Oyster card makes it easier and cheaper – as you can use it on the majority of public transport in London – buses, tubes and the overground.

Even better – students can get 30% off of Oyster Cards – check out this link! Because of this discount, it means that transport in London can actually work out at a very reasonable cost – which makes it easier to travel around London to see the sights.

Things to Do and See

While the United Kingdom in general has many, many tourist attractions, London hosts many of them – including many of the best-known sights and landmarks in th world. Big Ben, The London Eye and the Houses of Parliament are just some of the well-known sights.

The many markets in London, such as Camden and Borough also fall into the must-see category. If you need some time out, there are many green spaces and open areas for you to sit in. There are also famous shopping areas, such as Oxford Street. There is so much to see and do.


Even if architechture isn’t an interest of yours, you can’t help but admire the range of buildings seen in London. Some are new, some are old – there is a remarkable mix.

At the very least, it is amazing to be able to walk around a city that has so many beautiful buildings. The City of London also features some stunning designs – all whilst hosting some of the most well-renowned businesses in the world.

Job Opportunities

There is no getting away from the fact that living in London is expensive. As a result of this, some students will need to seek employment as a way of funding their studies. The good news is, that there is no shortage of jobs!

Thanks to the size of London, and the aforementioned companies that operate across London, there is ample job opportunities. Whether this is a part-time position, a placement, or a graduate position, there is something for everyone.

Free Entry to Landmarks

While some landmarks in London charge, there are also some that provide free entry. Museums such as the British Museum, National History Museum and Science Museum all offer free admission.

For art fans, the Tate Modern and National Portrait Gallery also provide free entry. Where else would you get such an incredible choice?!

Music Scene

London is one of the most renowned music locations – and hosts a range of gigs and concerts every year. Famous venues include Hyde Park and the Roundhouse, which attract many well-known artists.

The UK also hosts well-known festivals, all of which can be accessed relatively easy. Reading Festival is easily accessible from London, and Glastonbury Festival too can be reached.

The Buzz

London is a city like no other. Anyone that has been fortunate enough to live, work or be a student in London can attest to the “buzz” of the place. As this article has shown, there are several reasons that being a student in London is an excellent experience.