Jodie Comer has rightfully been winning plaudits from many in recent years, with her powerhouse performances as Villanelle in the hit drama Killing Eve earning Comer much praise. She has become the nation’s sweetheart in the United Kingdom – a nation which usually revels in the chance of building someone up, before tearing them apart.

Arguably, that very process has begun in recent days, as Jodie Comer became the latest public figure to be ‘cancelled’. For once, this hasn’t been perpetrated by the media. Normally, any such departure from far-left politics enrages the folks down at The Guardian, but even they stayed quiet on this issue. Needless to say, the rest of the media didn’t criticise Comer.

So instead of the media trying to bring Comer down, the task was left to the users of Twitter. A whole plethora of Twitter users became incensed with Comer due to the fact that she dare fall in love with someone that supports the Republican Party in the USA.

As such, Comer received all manner of vitriol after news of her partner became public. But let’s just take this back a sentence. Yes, Comer really did get her reputation besmirched due to her boyfriend deciding to support a political party. Take a look at some of the below posts.

Those supporting what is best described as the ‘radical left’, appear to follow the idea that everyone should follow an exact agenda, and dare a person not conform to this, they should be ‘cancelled’.

If this is the case, then it sets a very worrying precedent for the future. Those that perpetrate this idea that everyone must follow a certain agenda seem to wield a significant amount of power. In many cases, sponsorships will be lost, reputations will be hit, and careers ended due this ridiculous ‘cancelling culture’.

There is no doubt that love is love. Those that are castigating Comer for falling in love with a Republican are the same people who state that same-sex relationships have a perfect place in society; they suggest, correctly, that love is love, and that each person has the divine right of falling in love with whoever they like. Yet here, this doesn’t seem to work both ways.

And aren’t these the people that cry out for women to be seen as strong and independent (which they are). Yet it seems that Comer cannot have a different opinion to her partner, as if she is the property of him. The hypocrisy is endless.

Unfortunately, the ‘cancelling culture’ only seems to be getting more common. Dare have a different opinion to the norm, and you will be hunted down by a pack of bloodthirsty wolves. These are worrying times.