Pepsi Max is one of the most popular drinks in existence – famed for its zero calories, zero sugar approach, albeit with no compromise in taste! One of the most-asked questions about Pepsi Max is whether or not it is healthy or bad for us?

Unfortunately, Pepsi Max isn’t good for us. However, when comparing it to full-fat Pepsi or classic Coca-Cola, Pepsi Max is a far healthier drink. Therefore, we can take the positives.

So why is Pepsi Max unhealthy, despite having no calories or sugar in it? We explore the famous drink in this article.

Pepsi and Coca-Cola have a long-running battle for coke supremacy!

How is Pepsi Max Unhealthy?

Pepsi Max certainly has the benefit of having zero calories. Moreover, it has no natural sugar in it either, which is another positive. But sadly, this is where the fun ends.

Pepsi Max does have artificial sugars in which gives it its sweet taste. The artificial sweeteners are Aspartame and Acesulfame Potassium.

The debate over Aspartame will go on forever, so we won’t delve into that. Aspartame has been accused of everything – from causing cancer to dementia to hair loss and anything in between.

There is significant controversy over Aspartame, and other artificial sweeteners, though the evidence points towards their safety. Still, they causes concern.

The negative of these sweeteners is that they are believed to cause a “sweetness craving”, which appears to make a person want sweet or sugar-laced food after consuming these sweeteners.

Pepsi Max also has a lot of chemicals in it, which again are believed to unhealthy for humans. After all, chemicals are typically not meant for human consumption!

One of the main issues is its impact on our teeth. While the absence of sugar is good news, Pepsi Max has Citric Acid in it. Citric acid is terrible for our teeth, and weakens our enamel, and contributes to cavities – which require fillings.

Moreover, Phosphoric Acid is also an ingredient, and unsurprisingly given its name, it also contributes to tooth decay. Pepsi Max is certainly capable of hastening the need to visit a dentist.

Pepsi Max won’t make you gain weight. However, it often contributes to bloating, which can give an appearance of being heavier once it has been drank.

Is Pepsi Max Addictive?

It is difficult to say definitely whether or not Pepsi Max is addictive. In the sense of addiction like a substance addiction, no, Pepsi Max is not addictive. However, it is in other ways.

Pepsi Max is very high in caffeine. Caffeine, along with the sweeteners, has an impact on our brain. It is important to remember that caffeine is a drug. These areas trigger “feel good” transmitters that make us feel happy. The brain eventually craves this feeling, which can lead to a craving for Pepsi Max.

Is Pepsi Max healthier than Pepsi and Coca-Cola?

The good news is that Pepsi Max is far healthier than full-fat Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Many would also say that Pepsi Max actually tastes far better than both.

Pepsi and Coca-Cola have a huge amount of sugar in. Sugar contributes to weight gain, heart disease, diabetes and tooth decay. So these drinks really are far unhealthier than Pepsi Max.

Also, both have a lot of calories too. As a result, they contribute to our daily calorie intake – which is directly linked to weight gain, something we all try to avoid!

How can you make Pepsi Max healthier?

There are some steps we can take to either make Pepsi Max healthier, or to limit its damage. The best approach is to drink water straight after drinking Pepsi Max.

Water can help neutralise the acid levels in our mouth, and can make our saliva less acidic too. This means that our oral health won’t take too much of a battering.

Drinking Pepsi Max at meal times can also help. At meal times, you will already be using your teeth, and so your mouth is already stimulated. This is better than drinking at a time where it’ll only be Pepsi Max that is going through your system.

Something else for our teeth is to use a straw, as this limits the contact between Pepsi Max and our teeth. In terms of our overall diet, Pepsi Max should be enjoyed with a healthy and balanced diet.

Of course, the best way, but also the most boring, is to avoid Pepsi Max. Water is a fantastic drink that provides so many benefits. Swapping Pepsi Max for water is a fantastic step – but admittedly a difficult one!

The Takeaway

At the end of the day, we all have to live life. It’s no good in going through life being scared of everything. As long as it is drank in moderation, Pepsi Max is absolutely fine.

Yes, it can cause problems, but so can a lot of things. Remember to try and limit your intake, but most importantly – enjoy life. If this means drinking Pepsi Max – you drink Pepsi Max!