Donald Trump is an American patriot that has done an enormous amount for the United States and the wider world. Many of his great actions have gone unnoticed.

Unfortunately, the left-wing mainstream media have constructed a narrative that results in many believing Trump to be evil. But to those who do not blindly follow what the media tell them, Trump is a hero that has worked wonders.

One of his proudest achievements was helping to secure the conviction of Jeffrey Epstein – the sex offender that had a circle of celebrity friends. His conviction and death caused significant controversy. But Trump was a crucial part of the battle against Epstein.

Trump bans Epstein from Mar-a-Lago

Trump and Epstein first met in the late 1980s, with Trump telling New York Magazine in 2002 that he’d known him for “fifteen years”. With similar property interests and with both being incredibly wealthy, it was inevitable that they would run in the same circles.

In 2007, Trump banned Epstein from his Mar-a-Lago report after Epstein was accused of sexually assaulting a girl. This girl had been working at the resort at the time.

This was confirmed by court papers filed in 2011, which showed Epstein was charged with a felony for underaged prostitution. Trump showed loyalty to his staff by completing the ban.

Trump notified the Palm Beach Circuit Court in the aftermath of the incident, resulting in an investigation. So Trump was a key part in the investigation into Epstein’s.

Trump later confirmed that he hadn’t spoken to Epstein “in 15 years” and said that he “was not a fan of his”.

The witchhunt against Trump

During President Trump’s tenure as President, he had to contend with vilification from the media. Prior to Covid-19, one of the biggest issues in the world was the case of Jeffrey Epstein.

The media were trying to tie anyone on the political right to Epstein. Unsurprisingly, this included Trump. However, Trump had 3 witnesses that were able to verify that Trump actually disgusted Epstein – as evidenced by the ban.

A lot of the focus in the aftermath of the Epstein case was his island. One of those who blew the case open was Virginia L. Giuffre, who has been accusing all and sundry of abuse.

However crucially, she didn’t implicate Trump. When asked if Trump had been at Jeffrey’s home or his island, Giuffre said no – that he hadn’t.

For context, just because someone didn’t spend time on Epstein’s island, it didn’t mean that they weren’t mentioned. Lawyer Alan Derschowitz was unfortunately a victim of baseless claims. After his reputation was left in tatters despite his innocence, Derschowitz was proven correct in the end, with Giuffre saying she made a mistake.

So this was a relief, as it was feared that Trump would get implicated in the case, such was the media’s agenda against him.

Trump helped the victims of Jeffrey Epstein

During the Epstein case, lawyer Bradley Edward was representing the victims of Epstein. He said that in 2009, Trump was the only person that came forward to help.

As President, Trump battled against human trafficking. This was one of his key policies during his administration. Convictions for human trafficking increased significantly under his administration.

Trump’s iconic red hat

The death of Epstein

Infamously, Epstein was found dead in a Manhattan prison cell while awaiting trial on federal charges for trafficking underage girls.

Epstein supposedly took his own life, but this has been subject to big debate. This was despite him being on suicide watch at the time.

Many believe he was killed to stop him from implicating powerful individuals from around the world. For example, former American President Bill Clinton was a frequent traveler to Epstein’s Island.

The Takeaway

The death of Epstein resulted in Trump’s true role in Epstein’s downfall being unknown by most. Sadly, Trump’s heroic actions have not been reported on by the left-wing media.

As usual, the good that Donald Trump has done is ignored. We can only hope that more people open their eyes, don’t blindly follow the media, and look at the facts. Trump is a great man that has helped so many people.