You know the saying – “he lives in your mind rent free”. Well, there is no better usage of this quote than saying this to Jeff Tiedrich, in relation to his worrying obsession with Donald Trump, who presumably – like the rest of the world – has no idea who Jeff Tiedrich is.

Here is the usual situation: Donald Trump tweets something, and you can bet that among the first to reply will be Jeff. Now, the reply is always slanderous, and critical of Trump.

Trump of course doesn’t respond – he, neither us, have no clue who this man is. In fact, judging by the way he looks, he is the sort of person that you would tell your children to stay the hell away from.

That creepy, strange old man that prowls the fields alone at night. At least that is the impression you get of Jeff, who by the looks of things, could do with a good wash.

Jeff Tiedrich is Pathetic

At first, you could be forgiven for assuming that it is a bot who automatically replies. Surely no one could be THAT sad. Unfortunately, it seems that Tiedrich is indeed, sad enough.

Jeff Tiedrich seems to have fanatical feelings towards Trump. It really is quite concerning, and never before has anyone been so fixated on a President.

His existence is presumably as follows: He sits down bored all day, probably still living in his mother’s dingy basement. His life seems to revolve around waiting for Trump to tweet something.

Then, he finally gets a bit of excitement when Trump does indeed tweet. The one joyous moment of his day is when he sends a hateful reply, then he sits back and enjoys the adulation of the radical left-wingers.

Tiedrich has a strange, creepy-like obsession with Donald Trump

No one knows who he actually is

The internet is awash with the same question – who is Jeff Tiedrich? Well, after looking on his Twitter, his beloved platform, it isn’t entirely clear what he is. A professional stalker, perhaps.

A simple search of his name brings up a list of articles where fellow internet users are asking – “who is Jeff Tiedrich”. Hopefully, this article will provide a definitive answer. No one knows why Tiedrich is so obsessed with Trump, it is beyond creepy. Presumably, he is a deadbeat loser whose life is devoted to someone he seemingly hates.

He seems to have many Twitter followers. It is likely, given his regular diatribes, that he has bought said followers. You have to question anyone that would “follow” such a loser.

Contrary to what you may think of the above image – his t-shirt appears to read “voice”, rather than “nonce” – which, let’s face it, would probably be more appropriate.

The Takeaway

It is a sad life. To be utterly obsessed and addicted to someone is never healthy. Trump certainly lives rent-free in the mind of Tiedrich.

Like him or not, Trump made it to the Whitehouse, becoming the most powerful man in the world. As for Jeff Tiedrich – judging by his behaviour, he is mentally unhinged, and needs to get some help.