There is always a strong emphasis on learning new skills, mastering them and then teaching other these skills. Skills that are often mentioned as being needed are time management, organisation and resilience.

However, nobody talks about one of the essential skills – self-defence training. It is a sad indictment of the world we live in, that this needs to be taught.

In a world where there are rapes, murders and attacks every day, no one is safe. Regrettably, it is women that face the most risks, which is why self-defence should be taught to them.

Isolated locations can be particularly unsafe

The Importance

You never know the intentions of all those who are around you. If the worst happens, then who will come and help? We are not always surrounded by the right people who can come and save us or help us.

As a result, we need to protect ourselves. Because of this, all women should have self-defence training. We should go as far as to have self-defence included as a new class during school.

While this should predominantly be for females, opportunities should also be there for men. Homosexual men often report having their drinks spiked, or being attacked as a hate crime.

This is why from a young age, we should be trained on how to protect ourselves. In this case, being attacked, harassed or touched inappropriately can be protected against.

Hearing about rape cases all over the world scares every girl. Girls go out and automatically never feel safe. They pray that no one else needs to go through such a terrifying situation.

Just one quick incident can ruin lives. Unfortunately, many give up fighting, or those who are fighting do not get justice. Worse yet, many die waiting for justice.

Moral Values

Moreover, boys need to respect girls. This should be a moral value taught from a young age. It isn’t fair for boys, nor girls, to disrespect the other gender.

Every man should remember that when they see someone in danger, it is important to help them, even if they are a stranger to you. We are talking about lives being saved here.

The Need for Punishment

Currently, the punishment for rape and other attacks is far too lenient. Those that commit acts of rape lose their human rights, they become a beast.

There should be strict laws against rapists. The punishment itself should be so terrifying that even the thought of raping someone shouldn’t go through anyone’s mind.

The Takeaway

Girls should not learn self-defence purely for power. Instead, it is a key skill for life. It can be something that may be needed at any time.

Until we get justice or rather wait for the law to get justice for us, we need to stand up for ourselves. Learning self-defence can not only save yourself, but it can protect others too.

By Shiksha Jalan