We all know the importance of our oral health – not only does it affect our overall oral and mental health, but when our mouths need treatment, intense pain will follow.

It can be difficult though to know how good we are at brushing our teeth. After all, if you are just attending a dental check-up once every six months, you may not get an overall impression of your oral health.

So a good way of testing the state of your oral health involves something called the “oreo test”. It is something both tasty and useful to do. There are many benefits to it!

What do you need?

The good thing about the oreo test is that all you need is an iconic oreo biscuit. If you are unfortunate enough to be unaware of what oreo’s are, then get yourself down to your local store ASAP!

Aside from the oreo biscuit, the only other thing you’ll need is your toothbrush and toothpaste. Then, you are ready to go with a test that will judge how good your toothbrushing is!

How to do the Oreo test

To do the oreo test, first of all, a person eats said oreo. They need to do this properly – as in chewing it as you normally would. Their mouth should be full of crumbs, as is the case when anyone has an oreo.

Then, a person should brush their teeth, as they would do normally. At the end of the allotted time, they will put their toothbrush down, spit out any remaining saliva, and then inspect the evidence.

The state of a person’s mouth at this point is key. If they brush properly, then little or even no trace of the oreo will be seen. However, if there are still remnants of the oreo, then the person has work to do in the future.

Does it work?

A person can use the oreo test as an indicator of how accurate their toothbrushing is. It can be a useful tool. Learning from the test can result in an improvement in oral hygiene.

It isn’t entirely accurate, especially as a person may go to extra effort when brushing their teeth (as they know what the aim is), or they may chew the oreo in a methodical way that avoids crumbs. But when done properly, the test can be informative.

The Takeaway

The oreo taste has the benefit of being tasty, easy and informative. At the very least, you get a nice oreo biscuit out of it, at best, you will gain insight into how good your oral hygiene is.

The best way of course to get advice on your teeth and see your overall oral health is to get a check-up at a dentist. The earlier any problems are detected, the better the chance of treating the issue successfully.

By Harry Helyar and Aurah Cardoso