“Positivity” – what does this word mean? When you search this word on Google, you get the following definition: “the practice of being positive”.

Sounds simple enough. But when we try to implement this thought of being positive, suddenly, it seems one of the most difficult things to do.

Being positive while navigating difficult and negative circumstances is very difficult. Many people will be able to sympathise with this, due to the current situation – namely Covid-19.

But it is possible to remain positive throughout life. To be positive, we need to have control over our emotions, and react appropriately to life’s events, whether they are good or bad.

Staying positive can be difficult

1. Do what makes you happy

It is important to carry on with anything that makes you happy – whether this is through hobbies, passions or interests, it is important to keep these going.

We need to keep ourselves busy with things that we can never get tired of doing. Invest your time into learning and exploring new things, or socialising with new people.

2. Spend time with your loved ones

Spend as much time as you can with your loved ones. If there is one thing that this pandemic has taught us – it is that our loved ones won’t be around forever.

Your loved ones will let you speak your mind – this gives you an opportunity to talk about any of your problems. Getting any concerns off your chest will be very positive for you.

It is inevitable for there to be good and bad times when spending time with family, but try and enjoy every moment. The aim is to try and remain positive.

It is important to surround yourself with those that you love – as this is a good way of letting any negativity out of your brain.

3. Eat healthily

Food and general diet plays an important role in keeping a person happy and positive. If we eat healthy food, our body will be in good health, and keep health issues away. So try and eat healthily!

However, make sure you do have some moments where you can eat what you want – as food can be a source of joy for some.

Just try and get the balance right, and you’ll maintain good health, and keep illnesses away. If you do get ill, your body will be in good condition to fight it!

4. Start your day with a positive thought

This is one of the easiest things on this list to achieve! If you start your day with a positive thought and a prayer to God, this sets you up nicely for the day ahead! This gives your entire day a boost!

Tell yourself: everyday is a new day and it is going to be a great day ahead! Listen to your favourite songs, dance, sing and anything else that puts you into a positive headspace!

We need to remember that it is a beautiful world

5. Don’t sleep with a bad mood!

Going to bed when you are in a bad mood is not a good idea – it will mean when you wake up, the bad mood will continue, and you will probably have a negative mood all day.

Make sure you go to bed leaving all of your problems, sadness and any negative vibes behind you before sleeping. Praying before you sleep and remembering that each day is a new day can be very helpful! Each day gives you a chance to set a new milestone!

6. Never get disappointed by failure

Remember that no one is perfect and no one is entirely successful! Everyone goes through difficult times, and one doesn’t automatically achieve “success”.

There is no set definition of “success” – so if you are trying your whole life to be a “success”, when will this end? You need to try and set for yourself what you see success as, and then do what you can to achieve this.

But failures and setbacks along the way are common. But the ability to get back up following failures is crucial! Never give up, and remember that every cloud has a silver lining.

The Takeaway

Ultimately, it is very difficult to be positive all of the time, especially when we are going through a worldwide pandemic. But as we have shown in this article, it is possible to be positive, even throughout these difficult times.

These six areas can be implemented in our life, and hopefully, this will result in consistent positivity, and healthy mental wellbeing!

Spread positive thoughts, read some inspirational quotes and keep smiling in every situation – positivity is possible! After all, “once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results” -Willie Nelson.

By Shiksha Jalan