Barack Obama is lauded as one of the supposedly “best” Presidents in the history of the United States. Following a tumultuous conclusion to George W. Bush’s Presidency, he was the man to ostensibly steady the ship.

What followed was 8 years of rule, before he passed the torch to President Donald Trump, who presided over four successful years, not that the mainstream media will tell you this.

Whether or not Obama was a good President, one thing that cannot be debated is that Obama got an easy ride from the mainstream media. Many elements of his policies and stances were conveniently ignored.

One such sickening policy that has been ignored and forgotten, was his disgusting decision to count any innocent male civilian of “military age” as being a terrorist when killed in drone strikes.

Imagine trying to lead an honest life, providing for your children and loving your wife. Yet when an air strike goes wrong, you are just added to the toll of supposed terrorist deaths.

Totally innocent, yet Obama considers you to be a terrorist, just by the fact you are a male above the age of 16. It is sexist to say the least, and an enormous violation of human rights.

An example

Back in 2016, the radical left-wing outlet The Guardian wrote an article about a drone strike that had been carried out just three days into Obama’s Presidency.

This strike killed 3 innocent civilians. These were the first of the thousands who were slaughtered by the Obama administration.

“Military Age Males”

It was under the Presidency of George W. Bush that drone strikes were first used by the United States. However, these strikes were sporadic.

Under Obama, drone strikes became the norm. The Bush administration launched under 50 drone strikes in eight years, with the Obama administration presiding over 500.

As mentioned above, any male aged over 16 with deemed to be a terrorist by the Obama administration. While some may have been Jihadi sympathisers, most would have been innocent.

When an innocent man is situated near to a terrorist who is targeted by a drone strike, they would often have been killed. Despite them being innocent, just because they are a male, they were considered a fellow terrorist.

It is therefore impossible to know the true number of innocent civilians killed by drone strikes. So many innocent males died, only to be consigned to simply being labelled a terrorist by the American government.

When there are events like these, how can we blame anyone that grows up wanting revenge? If you were the son or daughter of someone slaughtered as “collateral damage”, you would want to avenge their death.

It would be easy to think that Obama was not party to such events. But it has been proven that Obama personally had to give approval to all strikes in Yemen, Somalia, and complex Pakistan-based strikes.

In an article in 2021, The New York Times, a notoriously left-wing outlet, even mentioned Obama’s apparent glee in going forward with this policy.

The article said that Obama “embraced a disputed method for counting civilian casualties” that counted “all military-age males in a strike zone as combatants”. This is disturbing at the very least.

Obama: The Apparent “Christian”

Obama frequently said throughout his tenure that he was a Christian. His policies on abortion, drone strikes and religious freedom consistently seemed at odds against his faith.

There is a difficult debate around drone strikes; the inevitable reality is that innocent civilians do die in them. Sadly, many see this as a necessary evil in an overall effort to protect the United States and her allies – so long as enough terrorists are killed.

But treating all males as terrorists? That is sickening. Again, such stances are at odds with Christianity. In the Bible, we are told that God created us all in his image, with all of us equal to one another. Obama’s stance was anti-Christian.

The Takeaway

When you ignore the fanfare and look at the facts, the Presidency of Barack Obama was poor, and very little was achieved.

New wars were started, which President Trump fortunately righted. During his time in the Whitehouse, more Democrat state legislative seats were lost than under any other President.

His position on drone strikes were sickening, and showed a total disregard for a large group of people, just for the fact they were male. This should never be forgotten.

This man was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. The man who started wars, killed innocent civilians and divided America was awarded this honour.

Yet people laud him, unaware of the facts of his Presidency, and the evil he committed. Obama may be shielded by the media, but he will always have blood on his hands.