The Twitter account of “UN Women” – which somehow falls under the United Nations banner – follows misandry as if it is some form of state religion. The blatant sexism is concerning, and is teaching its 2million plus followers that misandry is okay.

The latest episode of sexism is obvious to see – with the UN Women’s Twitter criticising the fact that out of all of the journalists killed year-on-year, 11% are women – which apparently is a bigger problem than 89% being male…

Take a look for yourself:

The tweet

The Misandrist tweet from UN Women

From the outset, it is important to state that the murder of any journalist is very wrong. These are people going about their regular job, and they often report on things that the world would otherwise be oblivious to.

What is wrong with stop targeting journalists, period. Why does this account have to act as if the life of a woman is more important than that of a man? The tweet should simply read “Stop targeting journalists”.

This tweet, like most content on this hateful account, suggests that women are more important than men. 89% of journalists being killed are men. This is a disproportionately high number.

But apparently, the 11% of this statistic are more important than the 89%, just because they happened to be born as a female. This isn’t how it works – all life is equal.

It is almost as if the UN Women will only stop when 100% of the journalists being killed are men. Then apparently this would be acceptable. It really is appalling to see a page affiliated to the United Nations acting in this manner, and sharing such inflammatory material.

Now imagine if it was the other way around, and 11% of journalists being killed were men, and a “UN Men” account tweeted to stop targeting male journalists. The media would have an absolute field day. But it isn’t the same this way around.

Check out this fantastic reply:

Courtesy of Twitter user @ReviewsPossum – a great reply!

Where is the “UN Men” Account?

Equality is what the UN Women account should be rallying for. Now if this is the case, where is the UN Men account? If it does exist, it seems to be very well hidden.

In fact, a simple Google search for “United Nations men” brings up an article on Gender Equality, where women are championed – as the first result.

This in itself is sexist. This gives the impression to the lay person that men do not have any problems, and that everything is fine for them. Apparently, women are the oppressed, and their problems mean men should be disregarded.

A Reminder that men have problems too

While it seems ridiculous to remind people that it isn’t just women that have problems too – it seems that we need to. Men do have problems, and face serious issues:

Men are:

  • More likely to die by suicide
  • More likely to be the victim of a violent crime
  • Most likely to be in prison
  • More likely to be homeless
  • More likely to do worse in school

By telling men that they are essentially second-class citizens is hardly going to help matters. Much of the media these days vilifies men, how does that help all of the men struggling?

And what has happened to feminism in Ukraine? It seems to have been accepted that men must stay and fight, whilst women are allowed to flee the country. If we want equality, then why aren’t the women staying to fight?

And do the idiots at UN Women think that those that kill journalists really stop and think about what they are doing? If they decide to kill a journalist, they don’t suddenly stop and think about the gender of the person.

The Takeaway

The article’s heading asks “when will it end”? Sadly, it seems that this will only end when 100% of the journalists killed are male – at least in the eyes of the UN Women. How wrong is this?

As usual, this Tweet has gained very little traction. Fortunately, many people have called out the UN Women for this – including some women, who admirably have shunned jumping on the man-hating bandwagon.

It is a worrying world we live in currently. The media is telling us that men are second-class citizens, not the other way around. We should all be striving for equality. This man-hating rhetoric needs to stop.