Tinder has proven to be a rather interesting platform down the years. For some, it has been the gateway to love. Others have experienced its dark side, and for many, it is somewhere in between.

In some ways, Tinder has become a source of entertainment. For others, it is an opportunity to make money from the platform – however dishonest they may be when doing so.

This brings us to the case of a girl from the state of Missouri, United States, who found an interesting way of making money from Tinder, without really having to do anything. Some see it as entrepreneurial, others dishonest. Let’s see.

Step One: The Profile

“Maggie” is the name that the user has adopted, though it is presumed that is a pseydonym. Little information is provided by Maggie, with the picture being of her in an oversized sweatshirt, with little else on.

Maggie studies at Missouri Western State University, and is 20 years old. They key part though is her tagline – which states “send me $5, see what happens”. The trap has now been set…

Step Two: Cashing in

So with the profile set up, Maggie was able to generate some interest – it didn’t seem to take long for many users messaging her.

As seen to the left, some were curious as to what the $5 would bring them – especially given Tinder’s rather seedy nature. And hey, what is $5 anyway these days.

Maggie gives the interested party a PayPal address – and seemingly doesn’t accept US Mail! So the person is hooked, and sends Maggie $5, hopeful of something in return.

One may imagine that Maggie would uphold her end of the deal. You guessed it…

Step Three: Breaking free

It won’t really come as a surprise to anyone that Maggie had no intention of giving anything in return. And in fairness – she never once suggested she would.

In the example on the left, where a user was “super curious” as to what the $5 would provide, Maggie unmatches with the user, and therefore ends their conversation.

Essentially, Maggie disappears into the night, $5 richer for every user who has paid her.

Step Four: Reaping the Rewards

And, as the picture to the left shows, Maggie was left in a much healthier financial state at the end of the day. She even got one user to send her $10.

This screenshot alone alone shows she had six victims, with the man left disappeared by her, having hoped for something more clandestine to say the least, one presumes.

Maggie may well have had further victims, and who knows how long she kept this charade up for. But it does seem that it was lucrative.

The Takeaway

Maggie’s plotting has certainly split opinion. Some suggest she is clever – having identified an opportunity to make money, and doing so. Others have suggested that she was preying on men.

But many also pointed out that these men were hoping for something rather “dirty” in response, and so losing $5 served them right.

The act is done, but opinion is split. It is down to each individual reader to decide how they feel about it – is this clever or dishonest, or a bit of a both.