FOX’s TV show Prodigal Son was cancelled after just two seasons in 2021. Despite a loyal audience, strong cast and seemingly multiple storylines still to tell, it came as a surprise that the show was cancelled.

But there is always hope that a revival will be on the cards, or that another network will pick up the show. In this article, we see if there is any update on Prodigal Son Season 3, and a potential future.

We should point out that spoilers are ahead – so if you haven’t watched Prodigal Son yet, we would recommend bookmarking this page and coming back when you’re done!

What was Prodigal Son About?

Prodigal Son focused on the character of Malcolm Bright (Tom Payne), an FBI profiler whose father is the notorious serial killer known as the “surgeon”. The father’s name is Martin Whitly, played by the great Michael Sheen.

While working as an FBI profiler, Bright partakes in many investigations, including a copycat case where someone follows in Martin’s footsteps. Bright has a difficult relationship with his father, which is also explored.

Bright mainly works alongside Gil Arroyo (Lou Diamond Phillips), JT Tarmel (Frank Harts), and Dani Powell (Aurora Perrineau) – who is also a love interest. The Bright family also play a part in the show as well.

The show ran for 2 seasons and 33 episodes. It ended ambiguously, with Bright having stabbed his father Martin, following Martin’s escape from Prison.

Prodigal Son Season 3 Timeline

Prodigal Son originally started in 2019, when FOX ordered a pilot. In 2020, the show was affected by Covid-19, resulting in suspension of filming. But the show was renewed, with the second season starting in January 2021.

Most people had expected a renewal. After all, there were many stories left untold, there was an excellent cast, and the show ended on a cliffhanger. But as is so often the case in TV, the unexpected happened, with the show being cancelled.

The actors were left disappointed. Lou Diamond Phillips said he was “gutted” on Twitter, while lead star Tom Payne said that he had “put his heart and soul” into the show.

Fans reacted in disappointment. Perhaps buoyed by the “#savelucifer” movement, a petition to “save” Prodigal Son reached 55k signatures. But unfortunately, it was to no avail.

Why was Prodigal Son Cancelled?

It is believed that Prodigal Son was cancelled due to low viewership. By the time that the show had reached its final episode, the total audience had more than halved since its premieré.

Thus, Prodigal Son became one of the worst performing shows on the network, making it difficult to justify a third season.

The show was received moderately well by critics, who praised Tom Payne’s portrayal. There was some criticism though over Michael Sheen’s rather limited role – given his incredible acting ability. While this was changed in Season 2, the damage may well have been done by this point.

The show was also criticised in Season 2 for having some “woke” storylines regarding race and equality. It was an example of the same issue where people watch TV to escape the real world and enjoy some downtime, rather than be lectured.

Will Prodigal Son Season 3 ever happen?

Currently, it seems very unlikely that Prodigal Son season 3 will ever happen. There is always a chance that another network will pick up the show, but as the months go by, the chances of this continue to slim.

The show continues to find new fans due to its availability on streaming services. If huge interest arises, then FOX may well think it is worth another shot. We will have to wait and see – but the chances look low at this point.

The Takeaway

Many people were left disappointed at the cancellation of Prodigal Son. As time goes by, we are left to wonder what would have happened in Season 3, and if viewing figures would rise substantially.

In modern day TV, it is not out of the question for Prodigal Son to one day return. There is certainly potential in the show – but we will have to wait and see if anything happens.