Katarina Deme and Alexa Deme are two TikTok stars that have been growing in popularity in recent months. But who are they and where have they come from?

As the sisters become more famous, there have been more and more questions asked about their background and information about them. This article looks closer at the sisters, who can be seen in the below picture – with Katarina on the left and Alexa on the right.

Courtesy of TikTok

About Katarina and Alexa Deme

Alexa Deme is the older sister and was born in 2002 in the United States. Her account on TikTok currently has 250k followers. She also has 125k followers on her Instagram. Alexa is a shortening of Alexandra.

Katarina Deme meanwhile was born in 2004. She has become better known than her sister Alexa. She has 1.2million followers on her TikTok. Moreover, she also has 1.2million followers on her Instagram account.

Both girls typically post many photos and videos on their social media. They are often bikini-clad or beauty focused. Therefore, this has resulted in interest from both males and females.

They often post photos and videos in exotic locations. They both appear to travel a lot, though are believed to be living in the United States currently.

The Deme Family: Who are the Demetriades family?

“Deme” is actually a shortening of Demetriades. Therefore, the full names of the sisters are Katarina Demetriades and Alexa Demetriades. Due to the complexity of their surname, it is understandable that the sisters have opted for a shortening of their name.

Their father is the Greek multi-millionaire Jim Demetriades. He made his money through his business SeeBeyond Technology Corporation. He founded the company in 1989, which he built into “the world’s largest organically grown and self-funded integration software company whose technologies were used by thousands of global customers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to large hospitals and healthcare systems”, as per reports.

He sold his SeeBeyond company for $400million in 2005. Most recently, Jim Demetriades founded Kairos Ventures, which he continues to serve at as their CEO. He continues to make large investments in various businesses. Jim Demetriades has a net worth of around $800million.

Jim Demetriades is married to Nancy Demetriades. Nancy Demitriades is a former PlayBoy model. She has an Instagram account where she praises Jesus Christ our Lord.

Have the Deme Sisters had plastic surgery?

One of the defining features of the Deme sisters is their good looks and attractive bodies. Both sisters, especially Katarina, have large breasts.

Given their age, it has been questioned if the Deme sisters have had plastic surgery. If you look at the below video from Katarina’s TikTok, you will notice the size of her breasts.

Courtesy of TikTok

Many have suggested that both sisters have had breast enhancements. While they would be very young to have received a procedure like this, they are above the minimum age.


It is also believed that the sisters have had some work done on their faces. This may include botox injections, lip fillers and potentially even a facelift.

It is important to mention that there is nothing wrong with getting plastic surgery or cosmetic work done. If it makes the person feel better, then it should be encouraged.

Who are the boyfriends of the Deme Sisters?

Katarina Deme is in a high-profile relationship with Australian rapper, singer and songwriter Charlton Howard – better known as “Kid Laroi”.

The duo have been dating since 2020. They often share pictures of one another on their social media accounts. Considering their age, it is questionable over whether or not they will eventually marry. But given her looks and beauty, if Katarina did become single again, she would have plenty of offers!

Little is known about Alexa Deme’s relationship status. The majority of her content on social media features media of herself, with her family, or with female friends. Therefore, her relationship status is unknown.

What is the Net Worth of the Deme Sisters?

There is very little known about the net worth of the Deme sisters. However, given their popularity, they are likely to attract sponsorship and brand interest going forward. This would increase their net worth.

Both girls already do modelling. Therefore, their predicted net worth as of 2023 is around $300,000-$500,000 each – though this is likely to change.

In the future, once their father passes away, each sibling will be due an enormous windfall through inheritance. Therefore, in the long-term, their net worth will be in the multi-millionaire bracket.

Are there any other Deme family members?

Katarina and Alexa deme have other siblings. While these siblings aren’t as well-known as their older siblings, they are likely to become more famous as they get older.

These include Anastasia Deme – who currently has 10.5k followers on her Instagram. Like her sisters, she often posts bikini pictures.

One other sibling also appears to exist. Her name is Calista Deme. Calista looks strikingly similar to Katarina. She currently has 1,500 followers on her Instagram.

There is also a younger brother named Theo Demetriades. Very little is known about Theo. He has 4k followers on his Instagram at the time of writing.

The Takeaway

The Deme family, or Demetriades family, are very well-known on the internet and as each sibling gets older, the profile of the family is likely to continue to rise.

The most important thing in life is to enjoy life. Hopefully the family will prosper and each individual member of the family will go on to have a successful and enjoyable life.