3GS is becoming a well-known company across the United Kingdom – especially in the city of Manchester – with their staff working in multiple cities.

Due to its appearance in many videos on TikTok – there has been plenty of interest in 3GS. But who are they, are the fines they issue legal, and is it a scam? We take a look.

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Videos involving 3GS is a very common sight on TikTok

The typical videos on TikTok

Firstly, you can see an example of a video featuring 3GS, courtesy of TikTok user “Dan Gleeballs Scambaiter“.

As you will see in the video below, 3GS personnel will go and issue a £120 fine to someone or a group of people that have littered on the street.

But as Dan points out, 3GS is a private company and doesn’t have the legal powers to enforce the fine. So, if as directed, the person walks away, 3GS are not legally allowed to pursue them.

As seen in the videos, Ben tries to tell the person being fined that they can walk away without problem. His actions have helped to save money for many people. But his approach is not universally popular.


Any donations buy coffee whilst I save people. Never give details ! #3GS

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Who are 3GS?

3GS market themselves as an “ethical environmental enforcement company” that provides “support to the public and private sectors” around the United Kingdom.

On their website, 3GS mention a number of statistics. Among them, they mention that “30 million tonnes of litter are collected in the UK each year”. Moreover, they say “99% of town centres are blighted by cigarette litter”.

For those that live in the UK – these statistics are sadly unsurprising. If you walk around town centres or even residential areas, litter is a huge problem which can spoil what is a beautiful country.

3GS suggest their mission is to tackle environmental crime like littering. They operate street patrols, with officers issuing on-the-spot fines to those caught littering.

They are typically employed by councils who aim to lower the amount of litter on their streets. However, for each fine, 3GS actually keep the majority of the fine, with only a small portion going to the client.

What happens if you don’t pay a 3GS fine?

3GS is a private company and is not an official law enforcement agency like the Police. Their appearance and ability to issue fines has led to confusion for some.

But as they are a private company, they do not have the power to pursue people. If a person does walk away, they do not have the legal power to detain the person.

However, if a fine is issued and the person gives their details to 3GS, they will then be issued a Fixed Penalty Notice – which means they do then have to pay, unless there are extenuating circumstances involved.

Is 3GS a scam?

A “scam” is defined as a “dishonest scheme” – with this definition in mind, it could be argued that 3GS is a scam, although some would point to this as proof that 3GS isn’t.

Ultimately, it is important to remember that 3GS is a company – and those that work for them are simply doing their job.

While you may not agree with their methods, they are doing something that is important – fining those who litter across the United Kingdom.

Yet the way they go about this is what concerns many. There are reports of their staff being aggressive, intimidating and harassing the public.

Is 3GS a good or a bad thing?

It is very difficult to say if 3GS is a good or bad thing. They do punish those that litter – something that is important, given how town centres often look.

However, as they only have limited legal powers and keep most of the money from fines – others have suggested they are a nuisance to the public. There are good sides to both arguments.

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The Takeaway

The situation with 3GS is very challenging. Some say they are correct, others say they are a scam and should not be operating.

As concerns over the environment rise, we may see more private companies like 3GS appearing. But for many, they will always be seen as the enemy.