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Mikaela Testa is an Australian model and social media influencer. Her content is heavily-consumed on social media, where she has millions of followers across various platforms.

Mikaela also appears on OnlyFans, which she is well-known for. Mikaela’s body has led to some suggestions that she has had plastic surgery done.

In this article, we look at what she has said about surgery, and what we know about her. First of all, you can see a video of her below:

Courtesy of TikTok

Mikaela Testa’s Career

Mikaela was born in 2000. She is an Australian national, and is well-known in both her home country and across the world.

After participating in modelling competitions growing up, Mikaela eventually found fame through social media sites Instagram and TikTok.

On these platforms she is known for showing off her body, raunchy outfits, and beauty content too. This has helped her to attract legions of both male and female fans.

In order to capitalize on her popularity, Mikaela started an OnlyFans account. It is estimated that she earns in the six figures every month!

Her body is an incredible feature. She is very beautiful. But she also has large breasts and a large arse.

Has Mikaela Testa had plastic surgery on her face?

Mikaela has indeed had cosmetic work done on her face. She has confirmed in the past that she has used lip filler and had a Botox brow lift.

There is also believed to be some contouring as well that has taken place. Also, Mikaela has seemingly lost weight too, which can impact her appearance.

Even before the work that has been done, Mikaela still looked absolutely stunning! The work has improved this further!

Has Mikaela Testa had plastic surgery on her butt?

Mikaela denied having any plastic surgery on her butt for a long time. But eventually, she admitted to have had a Brazilian butt lift – known as a “BBL”.

Her reasons for doing so were revealed in a poignant Instagram story, after a fan asked why she got a BBL. Mikaela’s response was very sad.

She said that she was insecure when her “twig roach” boyfriend showed interest in models with “giant fake butts”. This led to her getting a surgery – which she saw as the only way out of her depression.

Mikaela regrets this decision. However, she is still very beautiful – and has plenty of followers that like the way she looks.

Has Mikaela Testa had plastic surgery on her breasts?

The other main feature Mikaela has is her large breasts. Incredibly, they are all-natural, with no work having been done on them.

She confirmed this in an Instagram story. Pictures of Mikaela when she was younger back this up, with plastic surgeons also suggesting they are natural.

Her large breasts have won large numbers of followers. For them to be natural as well only increases the appeal for many people. As she said in the picture below, she has been a “DD” from a young age.

The Takeaway

As always with plastic surgery, if the person who undergoes the surgery is happy, then it isn’t fair for anyone else to comment.

Mikaela Testa is beautiful, has legions of fans, and probably millions sat in the bank. She will hopefully continue to have an enjoyable life.