Eva Helgetun was just 14 when she tragically took her life, one month after being sexually assaulted by three African immigrants.

Eva struggled in the aftermath of being a victim to three monsters. She eventually died in a total tragedy.

Eva’s death has tragically been forgotten amidst the mainstream media’s goal of avoiding reporting on anything that goes against an agenda of supporting immigration and multiculturalism.

This was a dark case in Norway

Who was Eva Helgetun?

Eva Helgetun was born in 1996. She lived in Trondheim, Norway – which is one of the biggest Norwegian cities.

She was a student at Trondheim International School at the time of her death. Eva was a popular girl with many friends.

What Happened to Eva Helgetun?

On 1st May 2011, Eva suffered a horrific assault. She was at her school when she was looking for her friends.

A man approached her and tried to hold and kiss her. The man said he would help Eva to find her friends. But instead of doing so, the man had a sick ulterior motive. He dragged her into a wooded area.

Sickeningly, two other men approached and held Eva down whilst the first man sexually assaulted the Eva. Eva cried for help, but no one came to her rescue.

The other two men then tried to sexually assault Eva too. The second man did so. Fortunately, Eva managed to escape before the third man could assault her.

Sadly by this point, the damage to Eva had been done. Eva managed to make it to safety, and visited a hospital to get treatment and report the assaults.

Eva said the perpetrators were teenage boys aged approximately 16 or 17 – of foreign origin. They were believed to be African immigrants.

Worst of all, the perpetrators were never caught.There were other cases in Norway around the time which did result in convictions. But justice was never served for Eva.

The death of Eva Helgetun

Eva experienced severe depression over the following weeks. She was absent from school, struggled to sleep and received psychological support.

But on 28th May – just 27 days after the sickening assault – Eva tragically took her own life. She was aged just 14, leaving her family and friends devastated.

Why is the media silent?

At the time, and in the years since, there has been hardly any media coverage of the Eva Helgetun case. As well as those similar to this.

This is because the idea that there are African or Arab immigrants committing these crimes does not fit with the agenda that the mainstream media wants to portray – which is that multiculturalism and immigration are positive things.

Sadly, sexual assaults happen every day to many people – both men and women. However, there have simply been too many cases involving those from non-western nations.

In their culture, treating women like this is acceptable. When they come to western countries, they are aware that they are practically untouchable. They can continue to act in animal-like ways and get away with it.

Scandinavian countries have historically offered great support to immigrants. But their people are getting tired of it – as seen by Sweden electing a right-wing government.

While most immigrants contribute to economies and do positive things, there are a sizeable number that do not. Instead, they actively rebel against the values that are entrenched in western society.

The west is falling, and it is incredibly scary to see. Change needs to happen immediately, but the mainstream media is happy to ignore this issue.

The Takeaway

Eva was a beautiful girl who had her whole life ahead of her. Sadly, her innocence was taken from her by three monsters. Three monsters which had been given a safe haven by a western nation.

Eva tragically died, having fallen victim to severe depression following the event. May Eva Helgetun rest in peace eternally.