America’s Gun Laws are commonly a topic of fierce debate. Few topics split opinions as much as gun laws do.

Some suggest that guns should be entirely outlawed. Others though point to the US constitution to supportguns being permitted.

As emphasised, this is a very polarising topic. In this article, we will take a look at the different sides of the argument. We also have a vote at the bottom of the article for our readers to offer their opinion.


America is a nation that allows guns to be privately owned. While this may seem controversial, the ownership of guns is written into the US Constitution.

It is therefore a very polarising issue. There are many arguments for and against. Moreover, there is also a strange phenomenon where following mass shootings, gun manufacturers end up seeing a sharp rise in shares – something that bucks the expected trend.

Arguments For Gun Ownership Laws

There are several arguments that support gun laws in the United States:

  • One of the biggest issues in this debate is that gun laws are a constitutional right. The Second Amendment in the US constitution states that citizens of the USA have the right to “Keep and Bear Arms”. The constitution is what the great nation of USA was founded upon.
  • A common mantra is that “everyone has a right to protect their property”. With this in mind, guns can act as a deterrent, and make it easier to protect one’s self. If someone has worked for years to own a home and raise a family, they surely should have the right to defend their home and protect their loved ones.
  • In addition to the above, guns typically make people feel much safer. Personal protection is commonly cited as a common reason to own a gun.
  • Mass shootings are a concern for many. However, it is a tiny minority of people that misuse guns. For the most part, those carrying guns do so safely and without harming others. It could be argued the actions of a minority do not reflect an entire group of people.
  • Were guns to be banned, it wouldn’t necessarily lower homicide rates. For instance, the United Kingdom is encountering an epidemic of stabbings around the nation. Knives could easily replace guns.
  • Similar to the above point, banning guns does not mean that shootings will automatically cease. In Mexico, they operate very strict gun control laws. However, Mexico has thousands of deaths each year that are caused by gunshots.
  • A common saying for many who support gun laws is that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. This saying is true. While the gun does act as a means to kill someone, it is actually the person involved that needs stopping.
  • While background checks may be somewhat limited, there are certain criteria that needs to be met for a person to be eligible to buy. The idea that any random person can purchase a gun without any checks being made is simply incorrect.
USA is a nation with strong traditions

Arguments Against Gun Ownership Laws

The arguments put forward above clearly outline why many support gun laws. However, there are many laws that are against gun laws.

  • Mass shootings are simply atrocities. They cause so much misery to so many people, and cause many deaths. Mass shootings are rarely-to-never seen in nations where guns are not legalised.
  • When children grow up surrounded by guns, it normalises the use of what is actually a very dangerous weapon.
  • By guns being legal, it becomes easier to murder someone. While there are multiple ways of murdering someone, using a gun is normally a very quick and effective method. By being legal, murders are easier to commit.
  • When replica or toy guns are used, they can lead to disastrous consequences for the innocent. For instance, in 2014, the American Police believed that 12-year old Tamir Rice was threatening people with a gun. In actual fact, Rice was just playing with a replica gun. But he was fatally shot dead. Events like these wouldn’t happen if guns weren’t so readily available.
  • Legally owned guns do not always end up with the intended owner. Instead, some criminals that would not be eligible to own a firearm are able to get their hands on them, which undermines the background check process.
  • By having laws on gun ownership, tax expenditure on hospitals would be lower as there would be less gun-related crime. This would mean that taxes can be spent elsewhere – especially in areas that need more financial investment.
  • Some firearms that are available for purchase are arguably not suitable to be used by everyday citizens. For instance, some guns should only be handled by military servicemen that have been properly trained in their use. Otherwise, danger increases.
  • Suicide rates in the USA by gunshot are high. It presents an easy way for someone to take their own life, which is a tragedy. While it could be argued that someone intent on taking their own life would eventually find a way to do so, guns do make this a much easier action to take.

The Takeaway

As this article has showed, gun laws are a very difficult area that leads to fervent debate. It must be said too, that both sides of the argument have reasonable points attached.

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