Gold is something we all long to hold! And as for $770trillion worth of gold – this is something we can only dream of having.

This colossal amount of money could buy anything. But the unfortunate thing is that this huge mound of gold cannot actually be accessed by anyone – as it is in the ocean water! Have a read on for more!

$700trillion could buy a lot of things!

The gold

If someone was to pick up a litre of water from the ocean, his or her sample would only contain around 13 billionths of a gram of gold – representing a tiny amount.

If you wanted to pick thirteen billion litres of sea water, you will have the equivalent of a gram of gold. But the problem is that then there are the costs of turning the sea water into the gold itself, as supposed to a mere concentration.

How is there $700trillion worth of gold in the ocean?

So where did the maths come from in the headline? Well, ocean waters around the world contain around 15-20 million tons of gold.

Currently, gold is worth around $48 per gram. Therefore, some simple mathematics returns a figure of around $700trillion!

To put this into perspective, entire nations will usually create a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a few trillion dollars – which summarises just how much money could be made.

The efforts of turning water into gold

Unfortunately, despite numerous visionaries having great plans, there has been very little success in terms of turning sea water into gold.

While some efforts have somewhat succeeded, they have resulted in an enormous cost – which makes the process difficult to justify.

Actually completing this process in a profitable manner has been near-on impossible for everyone, despite so many attempts.

There is hope that one day someone somewhere will be able to come up with a way of turning sea water into gold in a profitable way. If someone can – they would potentially reap the rewards of an enormous windfall.

The Takeaway

Sadly, it seems that gold is not going to be turned into water by anyone anytime soon. So it seems that the dream is over for many people.

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