The singer Dua Lipa has repeatedly, and unashamedly denounced US President Donald Trump in recent months. The very thing she is supposedly protesting against, she has become.

The near-endless barrage of derogatory statements made on her Instagram story is akin to bullying. Regardless of your opinion of President Trump, consistently making hateful and derisory comments against him is morally questionable.

So many people speak ill of Trump, and yet when someone calmly asks them for examples of the harm Trump has done, they immediately shut down the conversation.

As someone with over 50million followers on Instagram, Lipa’s behaviour is not role-model like. She seems to be showing her followers that it is acceptable to throw your toys out of the pram just because everyone does not have the same political beliefs as you.

Or that it is acceptable to consistently slander someone you disagree with politically. Consistent harassment and general hatred towards someone amounts to bullying.

The Posts

We have picked out just a few screenshots from recent months. And there should be an emphasis placed on the “just a few”, as there have been many.

And below you can see a few more. Lipa has done the incredibly uneducated thing of automatically presuming that someone who has written a few numbers down on a Tweet, must be automatically correct.

A similar situation occurred in June of 2020, where she shared a picture purpotedly showing Israeli security forces holding Palestinian minors against their will. The picture also criticised “fake Christians” and “fake Jews”.

The picture in question has largely been discredited. Many criticised Lipa for taking sides automatically without reason, and for potential anti-semitic views.

Dua Lipa also supports abortion, suggesting it is a “woman’s right”. This stance ignores the fact that the baby inside the woman may not want to be ripped apart in the name of inconvenience.

And below are just a few more to add to the collection.


Hypocrisy from those who support a radical left-wing agenda is of course nothing new, but ask yourself this – if the tables were turned and a prominent male singer was consistently criticising a female politician, they would be labelled a misogynist, sexist, and probably a fascist too.

Lipa has ultra-left wing views, as summed up by her creepy “friendship” with the socialist Bernie Sanders. The duo recently had an interview together, which instead of being a disciplined and educated conversation, was more akin to an ass-kissing competition.

Lipa also makes a point of “praising women” and in general, blasting men at every opportunity. Yet this is the same person that took a trip to a strip club – the sort of location that is incongruent with the feminist/misandrist stance she takes on life.

Moreover, she was even shown to be throwing money at strippers there. She happily attended a place that objectifies women.

When collecting awards, she is more than happy ramming down everyone’s throats everything good about females, and how males are in general, a disgrace. She presumably is surrounded by simps.

Lipa the Sheep

The disappointing thing is that we aren’t entirely sure if Lipa actually supports this, or if she is just jumping on the left-wing bandwagon in an attempt to become more popular.

Unfortunately, so many of those pandering to the left-wing are only doing so at the behest of those that manage them, effectively becoming sheep.

The Takeaway

It is a shame, that when actually having an office discussion about Lipa – two members voiced how they used to really like her. This is of course before she did the classic celebrity action of, “I have a voice, so let me become a social justice warrior”.

Four more years of President Trump can help show the radical left that they aren’t always going to get their way in life, and that their hatred will not win.

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