Breckie Hill and Olivia “Livvy” Dunne are two of the most recognised and popular users on the TikTok app.

Between them, they have amassed tens of millions of views, with both having huge followings too. If you open up TikTok, the chances are that you will see one of them soon enough.

However, there has recently been some beef between Breckie and Livvy. In this article, we look at the situation, and invite you to vote on your favourite below.

Both girls are popular users on TikTok

Who are Breckie Hill and Olivia “Livvy” Dunne?

Breckie Hill is an American national who has a strong following on social media. She has amassed almost 400k followers on her Instagram account. Her main TikTok account has 1.3million followers. It often gets banned, so Breckie also maintains an active backup account, which has 1million followers of its own!

Livvy Dunne meanwhile is an American gymnast. She has 3.5million followers on her Instagram account. Her account on TikTok has 7million followers.

Based on the figures, Livvy is more popular on social media, though Breckie has many followers herself. They are two very popular users of the app.

But as mentioned, there seems to be some animosity between the duo. Many users have wondered what the “beef” between the duo is.

The two look very similar. Both are blonde, with similar faces, expressions and skin tone. In some ways, the two look almost indistinguishable.

Why is there beef?

The truth is, it isn’t entirely known why there is animosity between the duo. Looking in from the outside, there might be some signs though.

Breckie has showed screenshots of Olivia Dunne’s account, which shows she has been blocked. She addresses this in the video below.

Breckie went into more detail on the situation during a live stream. Breckie mentions that she became “p****d off” about being called a “Livvy dupe”.

Breckie has been accused of “copying” Livvy. One account even appears to be dedicated to this belief, with the handle “breckieisacopycat“.

This account has shared the video below, which shows Breckie supposedly “copying” some of Livvy’s photos and videos, although from a neutral perspective, they all look fairly common videos and photo poses.

Breckie has therefore been accused of jealousy of Livvy – as she appears to be trying to imitate her. Perhaps Livvy has blocked Breckie so that she is no longer able to copy her.

Breckie may be trying to take inspiration from Livvy’s road to popularity. After all, Livvy has now got plenty of endorsement deals and widespread popularity – it’d be understandable for Breckie to want that.

However, Livvy has maintained that there is no beef between the two. She addressed the situation in a recent video, where she appeared to suggest she doesn’t like the extra attention that Breckie’s videos seem to have resulted in.

In the video below, she also uses her hands to allude to her chest. She says that she doesn’t like to hear or see videos or comments that discuss her breasts – which brings us on to Breckie. Body image appears to be a key issue.

However, some have pointed out that Livvy might actually be the jealous one. She might even be intimidated by the fact Breckie looks similar to her, and therefore could eventually become more popular.

In general, Breckie already appears to have more male followers. Breckie is known for her curvy figure – something that as a gymnast, Livvy doesn’t have.

Breckie has large breasts (see the video below), and given that she looks similar to Livvy, Livvy might be concerned that Breckie will shrink her popularity.

In fact, Breckie has become known as “Livvy with cannons” – meaning that she looks like Livvy, only that she has “cannons” – meaning breasts. Her large breasts – or cannons if you will – are assisting with her popularity.

Poll: Who do you prefer?

So, whose side are you on? Breckie’s or Livvy’s? Feel free to vote in the poll below, and see how everyone else has voted:

Who do you prefer?

The Takeaway

Some will argue that Breckie Hill is copying Livvy Dunne in an effort to become more popular. However, some would counter that Livvy is intimidated by what the curvier Breckie could do to her popularity.

Whether or not there will be any advancements in this story is unknown. Whether or not Livvy will unblock Breckie remains to be seen. We will need to wait and see what happens.