Anyone growing up in the UK in the early 2000s will remember the “Frosties Kid”. This kid starred in one of the most annoying adverts in television history – something that resulted in a barrage of hate, death threats and widespread anger.

Since then, there have been many rumours of the Frosties Kid’s apparent demise. But, fear not, he is alive, and now, approaching his 30s, is still going strong. In this article, we look at the bizarre rumours surrounding the Frosties kid, and see what he’s up to these days.

The Frosties Kid Advert

The “Frosties Kid” refers to the main actor in an advert that was widely played throughout the United Kingdom in the 2006.

The advert – in all its “glory” – can be seen below. To give fair warning, it is highly cringeworthy, and caused anger back in 2006 – an age before social media.

The advert features the Frosties kid in a red t-shirt and those ghastly three-quarter length trousers that were popular in those days, dancing and singing for a minute.

He is seen cavorting around with the iconic Frosties tiger which is digitally placed in the advert. All throughout the advert, he eats the cereal in different locations throughout the world.

In an infuriating end, the Frosties kid leads a huge group on a march, before levitating into the air while singing the highly-annoying “they’re gonna taste great” chorus.

The “they’re gonna taste great” was the soundtrack of the track, and while initially being catchy, it eventually became infuriating.

Who is the Frosties Kid?

The Frosties Kid is actually a man named Sven Ruygrok, who was 15 at the time of the infamous advert. He hails from South Africa, but catapulted into fame in the UK.

Despite receiving a lot of hate (in an age before social media this was rare), Sven navigated those difficult years well, and has since been enjoying a budding film career. And, he’s aged well, as the below pictures from his Instagram account show.

Did the Frosties Kid die?

Since the advert, which is available to watch above, many believed that Sven had tragically taken his life. After all, Sven received death threats over the advert, which is unsettling to say the least, for anyone, let alone a 15-year old child.

All manner of outlandish rumours went round schools across the UK regarding Sven. The most widely-accepted rumour was that Sven had stuck two pencils up his nose and then banged his head on his school desk, resulting in the pencils perforating his forehead, and obviously – death.

Other rumours stated that he hanged himself, fled the country or went off to work for MI5. One can only wonder where these rumours started, and what they were based on.

The Takeaway

Sven has got married, and seems to be enjoying life. It is testament to his strength that he was able to rise above the unwarranted vitriol he received.

His IMDB page shows that he has been acting in a wide range of films and other media productions. Judging by his page, his most recent performance came in the 2020 film “The Empty Man”.

Not only has he become a success, but he has also aged exceedingly well! The Frosties Kid became a man! You go Sven!