Paris Ow-Yang is a popular user on social media app TikTok. With the username of @ppwyang_ – she has over 1million followers on the app.

Simply put, Ow-Yang is absolutely stunning. Ow-Yang is a “Wasian” (mixed-race Asian) – a group of people that are renowned for being a highly attractive group.

Ow-Yang has become known as the “birth control” girl on TikTok – which has helped increase her following. But why is this? Read on for more. But first, you can see how she looks in the below video.

Courtesy of TikTok

About Paris Ow-Yang

Not too much is known about Paris Ow-Yang’s background. She started using TikTok in 2019, and has since reached over 1million followers.

Ow-Yang was born in 2005, and is based in Australia. Living in the hot climate of Australia has been helpful to her following, as will be discussed later.

Ow-Yang has been pictured with her family on her various social media accounts. She seems to have a very loving family.

Why is Paris Ow-Yang known as the “birth control” girl on TikTok?

One of the main ways that Paris Ow-Yang became famous on TikTok was through her sharing the results of what appeared to be the effects of birth control medicine.

As is a common side effect for many, Ow-Yang’s breasts appeared to enlarge substantially after she started taking birth control. As a result, she has large breasts.

This, along with her beauty, seemingly sweet personality, and the fact that she commonly posts pictures and videos in bikini’s – is a combination that has resulted in huge support.

In her earlier days, Ow-Yang would often upload videos that mentioned how much birth control had helped her. This helped to earn her this nickname.

Courtesy of TikTok

What will happen when Paris Ow-Yangturns 18?

Given Ow-Yang’s support and proclivity for showing off her body, there has been speculation that she may start an OnlyFans account when she turns 18 – which is on 13th March 2023.

This possibility has got the hot-blooded male community excited. While Ow-Yanghas not confirmed that she will be, it appears to be something she is considering. She has alluded to it in some videos:

Courtesy of TikTok

Judging by the support, it is fair to assume that Ow-Yang could make an absolute fortune by starting an account.

But this isn’t something everyone wishes to do, and Ow-Yang may wish to forge a career elsewhere. However, when a huge payout is just a few pictures away, it would be hard for anyone in that position to turn the opportunity down.

For now though, all of the men will need to be patient, and see what happens when Ow-Yang turns 18. The chances are, she will go for a softer approach with an Instagram subscription page or something else rather “low-key”. Or, she might delight half of the population and make an OnlyFans account.

The Takeaway

Paris Ow-Yang is certainly beautiful, has many fans, and seemingly a bright future ahead of her – whichever line of work she chooses to go down.

We hope that she will continue to upload videos in the years to come and entertaining many. It is highly likely that she will get even more popular as the months and years go by.

Since this article was published in March 2023, Ow-Yang opened an OnlyFans account. Her TikTok account was later disabled, resulting in the videos in this article no longer playing.