If you are a user of TikTok, there is a good chance that you will have come across a video of a smartly-dressed man greeting customers as they make their way into a shop – with the likes of Tesco, Waitrose and even B&Q featuring so far.

The man warmly greets all those who enter the store, firing off compliments to them, helping when necessary – all whilst speaking in a posh voice. The videos are simply hilarious, and produce funny reactions from unsuspecting patrons.

But it seems not everyone takes kindly to this man. Various store managers and security guards question the intentions of the man – who simply says he has been sent from the “Greeter’s Guild”.

You can see a “best of” montage below from YouTube. The man in question is Troy Hawke – who is a comedian with a strong following on social media.

A “best moments” montage of Troy Hawke

What are the videos?

The videos, as seen above, feature members of the public going about their daily business, before being greeted by Hawke. The members of the public stroll into a high street store like Tesco, Marks & Spencers, B&Q and others.

But whereas we are all used to just walking in, these members of the public get a special experience – being greeted by the smartly-dressed Hawke. Hawke produces several witty comments to the public, and warmly welcomes them to the store.

Among the best quotes include a man saying he is from Bermuda, to which Hawke says he loves their triangle (referring to the Bermuda Triangle), saying “you’ve cleared us out” to Tesco shoppers leaving with bags full of items, and his response to questioning from a store manager of Wilko.

However, as mentioned above, store managers often come out to curtail the fun. When questioned, the man says he is from the “Greeter’s Guild”. In some cases, this ends the problems and he is allowed to continue.

But most of the time, it results in burly security men moving him on. The most bizarre case came from B&Q, when two employees suggested that shoppers didn’t want to be greeted as they enter the store.

Is the Greeter’s Guild Real?

It is with great sadness that we have to drop the bombshell that the Greeter’s Guild is not actually a real organisation. If it was, you can bet that they would get a lot of supporters – who wouldn’t want to be welcomed to the store by a man like Troy Hawke?!

Hawke’s videos are going viral, and judging by the warm reception by the majority of customers, maybe a Greeter’s Guild should be started. It would make the normally mundane activity of walking into a store much more fun.

It is expected that the fictional Greeter’s Guild will continue to generate interest, with Hawke seeing his following grow strongly in recent times on social media. Unfortunately, this will likely make it harder for Hawke to remain greeting for long – with store managers likely on red alert.

The Takeaway

These videos are fun. So many viral videos these days target people without their knowledge, all for a few clicks and attention. But no one is hurt in this case, with Hawke pleasing customers, amusing viewers on social media, and he too seems to be enjoying himself.

We can only hope that Hawke continues to entertain us for many months and years to come. His videos are among the funniest on TikTok, and he is sure to continue to attract more and more followers.

If you want to see more about Troy Hawke – you can see his Facebook page here, his Instagram page here, and of course his TikTok page here. He is also going on tour throughout 2022 – with dates available on this website.