Marie Stopes International – a “charity” that assists in abortions in almost 40 countries – are to rename themselves amid longstanding criticism of their association with eugenics.

Marie Stopes International, as it was previously known, has long championed what is referred to as “family planning”, and has supported the continuous deregulation of abortion.

They are registered as a charity, but will now be known as MSI Reproductive Choices. This is in an effort to distance itself from the woman that the charity was named after.

Marie Stopes International supports “family planning”

Who was Marie Stopes?

Marie Stopes is a well-known name in the abortion debate, but has proven controversial, even among pro-choice supporters.

Stopes set up the United Kingdom’s first abortion clinic back in 1921. This move was at odds with societal norms, and faced religious opposition.

Stopes, as will be shown later in the article, was a staunch supporter of eugenics. She also courted controversy due to her opinions of mixed race marriages.

She also once wrote to a deaf father of four death children, where she stated that the father had brought “more misery” into the world.

She died in 1958 at the age of 77. The clinics she helped set up remained in action.

Eugenics Controversy

In more recent years, there has been significant criticism levelled at Marie Stopes International, due to Marie Stopes’ beliefs regarding eugenics.

Eugenics refers to the belief and advocation for selective breeding of humans – with a supposed aim of “improving” the human race.

Such beliefs have frequently caused outrage in the United States, with its biggest abortion provider – Planned Parenthood – having been founded by a white supremacist and eugenicist, Margaret Sanger.

Stopes prominently advocated for the forced sterilisation of those considered to be “unfit” for parenthood. This is essentially the same goal that the Nazi party had of a “master” race.

Marie Stopes International even acknowledged that the Charity had become “deeply entangled” with Stopes’ support of eugenics.

Marie Stopes International is often seen as the British version of Planned Parenthood

Dr. Black’s Purchase

In 1976, Dr. Tim Black stepped in as the clinic entered financial problems, as he purchased the lease to the building.

In doing so, Dr. Black founded the organisation that to this day has continued to champion pro-choice policies. The charity currently owns over 600 clinics around the world.

The organisation has carried out millions of abortions. Dr. Black passed away in 2014 at the age of 77. A place in Hell has presumably been taken up by him.

Charity Statement

Marie Stopes International released a statement, which suggested that Stopes’ comments were in “stark contrast” to its values as a charity.

They stated that the name change would address the “understandable misapprehensions” that suggested the Charity supported eugenics.

The statement went on to say that by renaming themselves, that the charity would be sending “a clear signal that we neither adhere to nor condone” her beliefs.

The Takeaway

It is incredibly worrying to see that most abortion providers have a deep-rooted association with the horrors of eugenics. No wonder why many criticise these companies for doing the devil’s work.

Abortion continues to be a widely-debated subject, and continues to polarise opinion to this day. To those that support life from conception however, there simply is no debate.