Donald Trump gracefully left the Whitehouse on Wednesday, with Joe Biden subsequently sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. This brought an end to four years of the Trump administration.

Whether Trump was your cup of tea or not, there is no doubting that he stuck to his beliefs, put America first, and followed through with his promises – something that not many politicians do. Simply put, Donald Trump made America great again.

Unlike where Biden will inevitably buckle, Trump did not cower to the pressure and hateful rhetoric of the radical left-wing, with the mainstream media all adopting an anti-Trump stance from the outset.

As a result, Trump was not afraid to implement policies that would inevitably cause controversy – but were in America’s best interests. Trump left an astounding legacy in many areas, especially in terms of the American economy, record unemployment levels and a remarkable foreign policy that resulted in trade and peace agreements.

Part of Trump’s legacy is his impact on the pro-life movement. Never before has America been so close to overturning Roe-Wade, and in Trump’s time in office, abortion restrictions have increased in several states. Life is winning, and children are being given a chance at life.

President Donald J. Trump will forever be remembered for his contributions to the pro-life movement

First sitting President to Attend the March for Life

President Trump made history in 2020 when he became the first sitting President to attend the March for Life – the annual rally against abortion that attracts millions of marchers.

Trump received voiceferous support from attendees, as he addressed the crowd. He stated that “unborn children have never had a stronger defender in the White House”.

Having the President attending the annual rally was an incredible moment, and raised awareness of the rally further. It showed Trump’s commitment to the pro-life movement.

Protecting Religious Liberty

While previous administrations have sought to limit Christianity and generally move towards a more secular society, Trump was clear from the outset that he was going to protect religious liberty – something he certainly delivered on.

Trump was also a vocal backer of free speech – which is an integral part of the US Constitution. While the radical left wing sought to limit freedom of speech – especially in terms of religion – Trump acted accordingly.

Trump attended the annual March for Life in 2020

Supreme Court Justices Appointed

Trump was able to appoint three Supreme Court justices in his tenure as Presidency. All three – Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanagh and Amy Coney Barrett, have strong pro-life opinions.

They will be inevitably helping the pro-life movement for several years to come. These appointees have helped to give the Supreme Court a conservative majority – something that hasn’t been seen for several years.

Trump was also able to appoint hundreds of Justices across dozens of states in the United States. Many of these Justices have pro-life philosophies, which should enable progress to be made in court situations.

The Worrying Element

Unfortunately, with Joe Biden being sworn in as the President of the United States, there is likely to be a difficult next few years ahead for the pro-life movement.

Biden is expected to spectacularly cower to the liberal voices around him and attempt to decrease abortion regulations further. His actions are in direct contravention of his Catholic faith.

Biden will never have the box-office appeal of Trump. In a recent live YouTube broadcast, Joe Biden was announcing his Coronavirus Economic Relief Plan – with a whopping 132 people tuning in to watch.

Contrast this to the tens of thousands of viewers for Trump’s re-election rallies, and you can see the difference in appeal.

Pro-Life is Winning

Without doubt, the tide is turning. The last four years have witnessed a lot of progress for the pro-life movement, and support continues to grow, aided by Trump.

Perhaps the most disappointing, yet exciting element of this is that we will never quite appreciate all that Trump has done for the pro-life movement. He has laid down the foundations for the movement to thrive on for many years to come.

In many years time – it might not be any time soon, but it will be one day in the not too near distant future – we will be looking back at Donald Trump’s Presidency as a turning point in the abortion debate.

The Takeaway

After all, as Trump said towards the end of his farewell video, the movement that was started under his Presidency is only just truly beginning. The pro-life movement was helped enormously under Trump, the fightback is only just beginning.

From everyone in the pro-life movement, thank you, President Donald J. Trump.